Have a Look Inside Moto X Production Facility Through Google Street View


If you've been following the Moto X, you might already know that the popular handset is made in America, a little fact Motorola's executives are proud of. The phone is assembled and shipped out of a production facility named Flextronics in Fort Worth, Texas, and if you've ever wanted a look inside one of these massive buildings, today's your lucky day. Flextronics has opened up and allowed Google's Street View team to come in and snap a few pictures, and now the photos taken during that visit are available for the world to see.

When we say "massive," we mean it. The production floor looks absolutely huge, though unfortunately our view of the building is limited to just the balcony overlooking the main assembly area. Still, we can clearly see tons of people at work putting together the Moto X, and the production floor is packed with all sorts of equipment and parts. It's pretty impressive that this amount of work goes into making such a small device, no?


While the look inside Flextronics is interesting enough, this is also encouraging for those who would like to see production jobs come back to the U.S. Most of the smart devices we use on a daily basis are constructed in China and then shipped to the U.S. for sale, which doesn't sit well with a lot of people given the country's current economy and unemployment numbers. Perhaps Motorola's success with the Moto X will spark something in other manufacturers and end up bringing a fair amount of jobs over to the U.S.? Only time will tell.

Flextronics is capable of shipping out at least 100,000 units a week, which potentially means millions of units per year depending on demand. If Motorola sticks with its plan to produce smartphones in America, then Flextronics will certainly play a big role for both Motorola and Google moving forward. So there you have it: If you're a Moto X owner, feel free to have a look at where your handset was made. Even though you don't get to go down to the production floor and have an up close look around, the balcony view still provides plenty to look at. Enjoy!

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