A Look Into The HTC One's Early Design Before Release

The HTC One is a current favorite among many fans who yearned for a more premium feeling handset. The sleek, machined metal body has a nice feel to it, and those double speakers on the front do wonders for music, videos, and games with the built-in Boom Sound and Beats Audio. Like most handsets though, the HTC One went through some prototypes and revisions before it ever reached the consumer market in it's final form. Thanks to engadget, we get a look into the early iteration of the HTC One before it was ready. It's a slightly different device from the One we know and love today, but overall it looks pretty similar.

The major differences are that the body isn't made up of the machined metal that we see on today's device, but rather made up of a soft coated plastic body that is more in line with past HTC devices. You can also see from the images that it doesn't have any front facing speakers, which HTC obviously decided to add in at a later date, perhaps after engadget had their hands on with the early prototype. In either case, we're glad that HTC decided to change these two things. This early version of the device obviously had the Beats Audio built in, but there is no way to tell whether the Boom Sound was added later or if it was present here.

HTC sure made some strides in providing a really nice looking device with the One's Final product design, but the early version that we see here wasn't necessarily a bad setup. Soft touch plastic still has a nice feel to it as well although most consumers probably extremely appreciate one seamless piece of machined metal for the body instead. Whether you use an HTC device or not, there's something to be said for watching the creation from a major company unfold into something that looks as beautiful and elegant as the HTC One does now. Hopefully HTC will continue this trend in future devices, and if they can nail down the marketing aspect then just maybe we'll see them gain some users back. Let us know what think about some the HTC One in its early form in the comments.

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