A Look Into Android Gaming In 2014


2013 saw some awesome games come to Android. Lots of gaming accessories too. We saw PowerA release their new MOGA power series of controllers, OUYA, gamestick, and the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. game consoles all got released and aim to offer gamers a whole new way to play their Android games. We started to see the first Tegra 4 devices come out which provide the ultimate in mobile gaming visual experiences. There was a lot of great stuff for gamers this year, the least of which were some awesome game sales. As exciting as 2013 was, this is about a look into what's coming up ahead. What can we expect to see in 2014? Lots of games, that's a given. Good ones? you bet. Maybe even some of the best ones so far. 2014 won't be just about games themselves, but also about new gaming consoles, new gamepads, and possibly even something from Google in the gaming department. We won't know about some of this for sure until we get there, but it will be exciting to think about.

Godfire:Rise Of Prometheus Launches Early 2014Godfire_Prometheus_Temple

Vivid Games knows what it takes to make some good games. We saw it this year with their release of Real Boxing. In 2014 they aim to drop a game changer (no pun intended there) and push the limits of what is possible from mobile gaming performance with Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. We wrote about this game earlier in the year when we first caught wind of it, and we were so compelled we felt that it deserved some more exposure. This third person hack and slash adventure game will have you exploring Prometheus's mystical world, solving puzzles to advance through certain locations and engaging in epic boss battles against unimaginable foes. We certainly ought to be looking forward to Godfire as it is bound to offer one of the best gameplay experiences mobile has seen thus far.http://youtu.be/8YMZb-cuMzk

New Gamepads Aim To Leave Their Markcontroller800x400_black

This year we saw the release of three of the best gamepads to ever hit the market that were compatible with mobile devices. The Nyko Play Pad Pro, and the two new controllers from PowerA as part of the MOGA power series. Although these are certainly some of the best controllers around for mobile gaming whether actually on the go or just sitting at home, there's never enough options as the gaming industry is always changing, so why shouldn't the controllers we play our games with? In 2014 we should start seeing the highly anticipated Phonejoy controller hit the market, as well as the Samsung Gamepad. There is no mention on the Samsung Gamepad release date although it should be early 2014. As for the Phonejoy, preorders are supposed to start being fulfilled by february sometime, after all the kickstarter backers have received their units.http://youtu.be/LUDZOziSxRU


OUYA 2 Is On Its Way, With A New And Improved Controller For The Current Consoleouyabrandguidepage23

OUYA made plenty of waves up to and even after its release. It's unclear if OUYA hit whatever goal the company's CEO had planned, and whether it's as popular as she was hoping it to be, but even if the original OUYA fell a tad bit short though, its still strong enough for the company to warrant building an OUYA 2 which is due for release sometime in 2014. Not only will there be a new console in the works, but CEO Julie uhrman says they want to improve the current controller to address some of its drawbacks. The OUYA is still a little too young to take on the likes of major console players like Xbox and Playstation, but it is certainly gaining ground and we can't wait to see what the OUYA 2 will have in store for us.

Crytek Introduces The Collectiblesthe-collectibles-1

Crytek is notoriously famous for the games they have developed, most notably the Crysis series which has made them synonymous with extremely detailed and gorgeous visuals. Crytek is bringing that kind of experience to mobile with The Collectibles, which is a squad based tactical top down shooter. It looks to have all the eye candy we could want from our games nowadays, boasting some of the best 3D graphics we've ever seen for mobile devices, and were betting it'll offer up some pretty intense action. There is only a general 2014 release window for The Collectibles, but as soon as it hits we'll be sure to let all of you know.http://youtu.be/vub7fRieeLc

Tales From The Borderlands Coming Soontales-of-borderlands-android-game

Just in case you couldn't get enough Borderlands on your Console/PC, sometime soon in 2014 Telltale Games and Gearbox are bringing Tales From The Borderlands to Android. There aren't very many details about the game as of yet, which unfortunately means it's probably still a ways off. However when it drops you can expect all your favorite Borderlands characters to appear in the game somehow. We'll even get to greet some new characters we've never seen before. This will be a brand new episodic series, but were still unsure what will tie in to past and future Borderlands titles if anything besides the cast. Come to think of it though, who really cares. It's Borderlands!!If You haven't seen the teaser trailer yet, take a look. It should pretty much make your day.http://youtu.be/RPUKNDB82UQ


Google's Potential Game ConsoleNexus-Orbit-640x334

With Android game consoles getting bigger and more popular, it seems likely that Google would want to throw their version of what they think Android Home Gaming should be like into the mix. Earlier this year, we received some foresight as to what Google's game console could like like thanks to Product Designer Joseph Dumary, and what features it could possibly have. Keep in mind this was all an imagined mock up, just to show its possibilities. Mock up or not though, the Google "Nexus Orbit" could be quite the exciting piece of hardware if it were to ever become a reality. Sporting a sweet cube like design with sleek finishes and Google themed coloring to give it that all true Nexus feel, the Orbit comes equipped with all your standard connections including Lan, HDMI, ac in, and 4 USB ports. Among other things the Orbit was imagined to have Google Glass interactivity, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, and something the designer called "DPconnect" which is something that doesn't exactly exist but would work something like a miracast dongle does to link a Nexus 7's wireless display up to the TV. In truth it all sounds very interesting and we can only hope to see something like this from Google this year. As much of a stretch as it is, its equally exciting to imagine its existence.http://youtu.be/retw-844eeo

Final Thoughts

There is going to be some great stuff to look forward to coming up. A new OUYA, new gamepads to play games with and more amazing games than we can shake a stick at. Not only that, but there's still so much that we have yet to hear about that will more than likely come up in the next few months. Tales From The Borderlands certainly takes the cake for me personally when it comes to 2014 game announcements. What are you guys/girls looking forward to? Let us know in the comments what excites you in the world of Android gaming for next year.