LG's G Flex Now Up For Pre-Order from AT&T; to Cost $299.99 on a Two-Year Contract



Since LG and Samsung both revealed flexible display handsets, we were all wondering whether or not the new technology and handsets would be making their way stateside. While the Galaxy Round is destined to stay in Korea, LG and the G Flex are launching around the world. For some, this is great news as flexible display technology can be pretty captivating however, it still has a lot to prove. Especially considering the size of the G Flex, at 6-inches it's not a device for everyone regardless of its curved display. LG's flexy phone is coming to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and pre-orders are now open for the device on AT&T.


Shipping February 4th, the G Flex can be pre-ordered from AT&T for $299.99 with a two-year contract, which is certainly a fair bit more than comparable devices. Buying it outright on the network will cost you a dizzying $694.99 and those looking to get it on AT&T Next can do so from $26.73 a month. All options are pretty pricey when compared to similar devices, such as LG's own G2 however, it's clear we're paying for the new technology in here. This sort of thing has taken LG a long time to create when it comes to R&D and we're sure there's a sizable cost to be reimbursed when creating the G Flex.

Despite the flexible 6-inch display though, there's a lot to love on the inside. With a Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM the G Flex is no slouch. Its display resolution of just 720p is a little disappointing, but we doubt it's a complete dealbreaker for those looking at the G Flex's unique features. As with the G2, the buttons for the G Flex are placed around the rear of the device, which we quite liked while reviewing the G2. The G Flex is probably more of a market test for LG than anything else right now, but it is good to see them market it as a very real device and we wouldn't be surprised if we heard more from LG on the flexible front later this year.

Via: Android Central
Source: AT&T

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