LG Rumored to Skip Android 4.3 and Jump Straight to 4.4 for Many Devices

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Most Android users will agree that while their phones are pretty awesome, the update situation often leaves a lot to be desired. Many phones are often left out of new updates, leaving users without the latest features and improvements. Many manufacturers have been looking to improve that situation lately, with Samsung and HTC both working to quickly push out Android 4.4 KitKat to their newer devices around the world, and now it looks like LG might be ready to join the update party.

Historically, LG hasn’t had the best track record with updates, but if a new report from PhoneArena is to be believed, that might be about to change. According to the report, LG may be skipping Android 4.3 entirely for many devices, opting instead to jump straight to 4.4. Until LG confirms or denies this report, please treat every rumor with a healthy dose of skepticism. We’re all familiar with update rumors that get people’s hopes up, only to turn out to be false.

The list of devices said to be getting the 4.4 update are: Optimus F3, Optimus F6 , G Pad 8.3, G Pro Lite, Optimus F7, Optimus L9 II, Optimus Vu II, Vu IIIand G Flex

This list includes a few noteworthy items, including the Optimus F3 which is a smaller, cheaper device that has been sold on many pre-paid carriers in the US. It’s also good to see the G Flex on this list, which despite being a brand new device, is launching with Android 4.2.2.

The glaring omission from this list is, of course, the LG G2 which is their current flagship device sold on multiple carriers around the world. It’s possible that LG is simply following a different update track with the G2 since it’s such a widely available device. Carrier relations could be involved, or perhaps it’s simply on a different update schedule than the other devices listed here. KitKat would be a great update for many of these devices that don’t have the latest and greatest hardware. Among other things, KitKat brings performance improvements for lower end devices, so it’s great to see LG at least considering an update for their cheaper hardware.

As for what other KitKat features LG might include, we’ll have to wait and see. Things like Google’s Smart Caller ID, immersive mode, file browser, printing support, etc. may or may not be included on all devices as LG ultimately will decide what each device should get. Do you own one of the LG devices on this list? Are you excited about the possibility of a KitKat update in the future?

Source: PhoneArena