LG G2 Upgrade Price At $403 For Some T-Mobile Subscribers, Others Get It At the Normal $499

In the world of Phablets, Samsung is generally king, but who could pass up a deal like this one, even if it doesn't have Samsung stamped all over it. The LG G2 has reportedly sunk to a price of $499.20 for the upgrade price if you're a current T-Mobile subscriber, which is almost a steal since the normal cost of it is $600. Now since T-Mobile sells their handsets without contracts now, you usually don't see many discounts if any at all, so when a deal like this pops up it's a good idea to take it. Just to recap, that's $100 off the regular retail price of the phone, which you can then further break down to the first initial installment payment of $0, with the rest of the payments broken up over the monthly EIP for a timeframe of 24 months. Just in case you missed that, the down payment is $0 for qualifying customers, so the monthly payments work out to be $20.80 a month on top of your normal monthly bill.

What could be better than having a $0 down payment on a killer phone? How about an even steeper discount? Since T-Mobile regularly puts up online discounts only, it isn't a shock to see them offer even more of a discount on top of one they already offer. However it normally is available to most people who choose to shop online instead of in the stores. In the case with the G2's new discount down to $499, some customers, (and only some) are reporting seeing that the price of the phone at checkout is actually dropping down to $403.20 instead of the original $499.20. So what's happening is that certain customers are getting an additional $96 off the phone just for buying online. The down payment is obviously still 0$ if you're someone who can qualify for this extra $96 bucks off, and if you have been waiting to upgrade your device until the right moment came around, we're going to guess that this is that moment.

As with all web only discounts, it's safe to say that when they say web-only they mean web-only. However, as a former T-Mobile retail employee, the company has been known to allow such discounts to be had in store. What I mean is that some locations can make exceptions. If you are wanting to pick one of these devices up, head over to the T-Mobile website and log in to upgrade if you're available, or you could try your hand at going to a local store and asking if they could match this online price. The chances of that happening are probably slim to none, but it couldn't hurt right?

Source/Image Credit: Tmonews

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