LG Files new Trademarks on the Eve of CES

lg sign logo 640x371

Big companies are constantly filing new trademarks and patents. Some of them turn out to be new products, some don’t. Companies often trademark names just in case they might want it someday while not actually releasing a new product for it.

Today, mere hours before CES is set to begin, LG has filed a long list of new trademark names, first noticed by Phandroid, and renewed several more. Could these be new products coming this week at CES? We won’t know for sure until the show floor opens, of course, but this could be a sneak peek at what the company might have in store.

The new names registered are G Bot, Meta Drive, Fireweb, Air Gap, and Zero Gap. Some older ones that were just renewed are: Exalt, Reflex, Elite, and Motion. LG is widely expected to launch some type of fitness and/or smartwatch devices at CES (though the fitness tracking device is supposedly called Lifeband). Some of these could be names for either the devices themselves, or perhaps some service of the device. Perhaps Meta Drive is the name for a new type of movement inside a watch? Or it could be a cloud storage service.

Some speculate that Fireweb could be a Firefox OS phone, and maybe the renewed names Reflex and Motion are for the company’s upcoming fitness tracking wearable devices.

It’s worth noting here that LG makes a lot more than just consumer electronics. They also have a respected line of home appliances which have traditionally also been demonstrated at CES. So some of these names may not have anything to do with phones, tablets, or smartwatches. Maybe Meta Drive is the name for a new type of motor inside a washing machine. Or maybe G Bot is the company’s new remote vacuum cleaner. Air Gap could be a new type of appliance construction for dampening sound.

We won’t have any answers until the show starts. LG is holding an invitation only press event tomorrow morning at 8am Pacific time, and then the full show floor opens at 10am on Tuesday.

Is there anything that you’re hoping to see from LG? Do any of these trademarked names sound exciting to you?