Let Your Grandpa Deal With The Zombie Apocalypse In Grandpa And The Zombies

If you thought your grandpa would be too slow and otherwise useless during the Zombie Apocalypse, you might be right. But your grandpa isn't Grandpa Willy. Zombies have taken over the earth and he sure as heck isn't going to let any members of the shambling horde take what's left of his life. In this brain teasing zombie filled adventure, you'll have to guide Grandpa Willy through loads of zombies to escape an untimely death. Grandpa Willy needs your help, he is in a wheelchair after all, so he can't do this on his own. You'll have to help roll him through 90 intense levels spanned across three different worlds, all of which are overflowing with the worst and most hideous Zombies you could ever imagine. Including one that has horrible breath, worse than Willy's, and he should know.

The goal in each level is to get Grandpa Willy to the safety of the elevator, do that and he's home free. At least till the next level. Don't forget to grab as much candy as you can along the way, as that's Grandpa Willy's favorite treat, and he'll be damned if he's gonna let some darn Zombies take that away from him. Zombies won't be the only thing potentially keeping you and Willy from moving on, you'll have to avoid loads of traps, unspeakable dangers and various obstacles all which threaten to harm you. Before your brains get eaten by the undead, you'll have to use them to think and complete various puzzles. Do this, and you just might get out alive.

Grandpa and the Zombies is an arcade and action game, with a top down view and a puzzling twist, with tons of comic relief to give you just the right amount of laughter. Don't forget to focus though, lest you be caught and eaten alive by the loads of undead monsters hobbling about. Something tells us they wouldn't care much for the candy that Grandpa Willy is so darn fond of. If you want to give this game a try, and give your brain something else to do other than worry about if it will get eaten by creepy zombies, pick up Grandpa And The Zombies on the Play Store for only $0.99. 





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