Let Droid Remote Lite Handle Mundane Tasks Like Rebooting Your PC

There are plenty of apps out there that can help enhance life experience and make your day better by helping you become more productive, complete tasks or even help you find information that you need. One task that you should be doing often to help keep your PC running as smoothly as possible is rebooting your PC. Rebooting your PC is a fairly simple thing to do, but you don't always have the time to do so and having another alternative to complete this task, short of dropping something else to make the time, would be a very handy tool have right? This is where the app Droid Remote Lite comes in.

Droid Remote Lite is by no means a new app, as it has been around since 2012, but it's still a very useful tool for someone who might not have the time to run over to their PC and shut it down or put it to sleep. This app aims to give you the tool and power to complete four simple tasks that are different from the things you can do from a remote desktop client app. Its one an only purpose is to provide you with a simple and easy way to do four things with your PC, shut it down, restart it, put it into hibernation mode, and abort it. Unlike remote desktop clients like Splashtop 2 which allow you the capability to access and use your PCs features and programs remotely, is only here to help you manage the different power states. You have four buttons to utilize these functions, that's it. With a remote desktop app you can do this as well but those apps usually cost money, whereas Droid Remote Lite is free. Remote desktop apps also can be a hassle to use just for something as little of a task as this, since you're navigating a much smaller screen than usual which can be a pain. They also have a tendency to lag up a bit sometimes.

Droid Remote Lite not only gives you an easy way to manage these four power states, but it also provides you with a nifty little timer feature, that allows you to set a designated time for the app to send the command to your PC and put into one of those modes mentioned above. To use the app you'll have to install an executable program that partners with app onto your computer much like you would with a remote desktop app, and make sure that your phone or tablet, and the PC are on the same local network, and that's about it. The app is already in the Play Store for download, but it's still in development as well so if notice any bugs or things that need fixing, the apps developer and XDA member lastspartan09 is asking for bug reports to attack these issues should they arise. Could you benefit from having this app?

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