Lenovo Has High Hopes For Motorolas Ability To make Profit

The decision to sell Motorola to Lenovo is final, as Google and the Chinese Lenovo have come to an agreement on the terms, although the sale itself is all but final as that entire thing will still take some time. Still, Lenovo is hopeful about Motorolas ability to turn a profit while under their umbrella. Lenovo has a presence in the U.S., just not with smartphones. You can find their computers and tablets available for purchase online and at many retailers, but we have yet to see a smartphone made by Lenovo come stateside. The hope, at least for Lenovo, is that by purchasing Motorola from Google, they will get a foothold in the American Smartphone market, and begin to sell some of their future smartphone devices here. That is what the Chinese companies Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing thinks and we're sure that others that are part of the company would agree, as would many fans of Lenovo products and people that know and understand the quality of Motorola devices.

Motorola is a well known brand here in the United States as well in Latin America, and with Lenovo being based in China and having a strong foothold in their own country and in emerging markets, together they hope to achieve like minded goals and make Motorola a globally recognized brand that can compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple, which currently are the two largest and major players when it comes to smartphone market share. Lenovo intends to keep both brands, as also earlier stated yesterday that they wanted to preserve the "brand identity" of Motorola. Whether Lenovo intends to keep the Motorola name separate from Lenovo entirely or go with something similar to the likes of what Google did, is still yet to be announced as they haven't yet reached a decision on what to do. However, whatever the choice ends up being it sounds like Motorola as far as the name goes will stay intact and not swallowed up by Lenovo completely as some might be speculating.

Part of Motorolas goal is to help deliver mobile data to 100 million new customers, and Lenovo truly believes that Motorola has what it takes to sell 100 million smart devices on a global scale. Although Google lost money themselves on the Motorola deal since they purchased them for $12.5 billion, Motorola did at least re-establish themselves as a recognized brand. They let everyone know that they are still here and they want a piece of the action. A big piece. All is not yet final between the two companies, but once everything is all said and done, who's excited to see what Motorola and Lenovo have up their sleeves?

Source: Wall Street Journal|Via: Phone Arena

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