Leaked Galaxy S5 .apk File Names Hit at Fingerprint Scanner and Possible 3D Gestures


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is due for release very soon, in fact, rumors are now pointing towards a March release date for the official version of the flagship device. Whereas past reports said Samsung planned on a launch in February. Though there have been plenty of rumors, some revolved around the appearance of a fingerprint scanner. If you find yourself still questioning if there will be a fingerprint scanner, first of all, why? Secondly, @evleaks has a tweet that confirms the fingerprint scanner.

Yes, we know that @evleaks may not be an official Samsung announcement. What we do know, is that he has been correct on more than one occasion, and so, we lean towards believing this tweet, rather than take it with a grain of salt. The tweet from @evleaks is just an image, possibly a screenshot, of a file. The name of the file is "FingerprintService.apk" and in the body of the tweet is "From Samsung Galaxy S 5." That's a pretty convincing leak from the prominent leakster, although you should still have some salt nearby.


Though, this has been kind of expected of most 2014 flagship devices from most OEMs. We all know Apple was the first to use this technology, not invent it, just use it, and then HTC used it on the HTC One Max. So it has now been expected that we will see it on the next HTC flagship, the HTC M8, and it was rumored and now just about confirmed, that we will see fingerprint capabilities on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The only problem is that the fingerprint scanner has received mixed reviews by consumers using those devices. So it will be interesting to see how Samsung has implemented the option, and how well received it will be. This isn't the only feature that was shared by @evleaks.

Another file shared by tweet was titled as "3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk" and hints at the rumored 3D gestures from Samsung. Though this tweet is more vague, so it could end up being something completely different. In the body of the tweet was, "Also from the Samsung Galaxy S 5."

What are your feelings on the fingerprint scanner being included on the Galaxy S5? Is this something you are looking forward to, or looking to avoid?


 Source: @evleaks 1, 2, Via: Pocketnow

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