Kurio Brings Childs SmartPhone Complete With Parental Controls


Kurio has teamed up with Techno Source to bring a device that some of us may be happy wasn't available when we were younger, but now think is the best thing to have. A smart phone for kids, that is fully controlled and monitored by the parents.

The device doesn't appear to be a childs smart phone, instead looks like a device that any of us wouldn't mind carrying around. Specs are mid grade to low-end specs, with a 4 inch display, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory, 3G and bluetooth capability and the front and rear facing cameras. The beauty of this device for the child, is it's appearance, looks like mommy or daddy's phone and runs like it as well. The hidden aspects of the device are for the parents and very well the most important part of this smart phone.

Kurio made sure that every aspect making this device a "smart" device are controllable as well as easily monitored. So to start with smaller aspects, the parent can control who can be called or sent messages to very easily. In that same area, minutes, messages and data can all be monitored and have limits set. That may come in handy from time to time, but there is so much more.

Since the device is a GPS enabled device, you can monitor where your child is located. If for some reason they leave an area where they are supposed to stay, the parent will be alerted. Using Kurios' own design of internet filtering, Kurio Genius, parents can also control what sites are visited from the internet, even blocking the less kid friendly sites.

Kurio also knows that given Android OS, apps can reach the dark sides of the internet as well, so, they have made it possible to restrict certain apps from being used. All of this at the parents commands, making the smart phone a partner in parenting rather than an enemy.

Though the device doesn't have pricing and availability just yet, we are sure there are many parents who would love this much control over their childs smart devices. Not to mention that children would like to feel more adult, with a device that looks like the big leagues.

Everything is pre-loaded into the device and easily accessed, for free, by the parents. So no worries about paying a subscription fee, or monitoring fees, since it will all be done by you.

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