Koodo Mobile Launches New Canada-Wide Plans and Two Promos



Koodo Mobile has just announced all new Canada-wide plans that are set to start today.  An internal document received by Mobilsyrup claims that, "Koodo is launching new Canada-wide plans with more minutes and more data!  Customers can get value packed plans at a fair price with data starting from $37 per month."  The plans start out at $29 per month, where you pay a separate data fee of $5 per 50MB, all the way up to a $72 per plan with 2.5GB of data, anything above that will cost you $5 per 250MB of data. The other plans offered by Koodo are – $37 per month for 300 anytime minutes and 150MB of data with overages at $5 per 100MB.  Next is a $42 per month plan with 500 anytime minutes and 500MB of data with overages costing $5 per 100MB.  A $52 a month plan with 800 anytime minutes and 1GB of data with overages at $5 per 100MB is offered as well as a $62 per month plan with unlimited minutes and 1.5GB of data, and overages costing $5 per 250MB. Each of these new plans offer unlimited evening and weekend calling starting at 5pm.  Also included are unlimited texting, Canada-wide calling, call display and voicemail. In the new plan structure it looks like Koodo has slightly reduced their monthly pricing while at the same time increased the data on some plans and decreased the allocated minutes of talk-time.


Koodo Pricing

They are also offering a terrific promo with two new pricing plans – one at $50 offers you 1000 anytime minutes and 1GB of data and a $60 monthly plan coming with unlimited minutes and 2GB of data. There was no time-frame attached with this promo offer as to how long Koodo will offer these plans or how long you can keep these plans, which obviously offer a much better bargain than previous rates. Koodo Mobile was started in Canada by its parent company, Telus in 2008 – targeting their younger customers and not requiring a fixed term contract that many young people did not want to be tied to.  Because it is a subsidiary of Telus, Koodo is able to offer extensive coverage and has gained a nationwide presence.  It was launched as a discount brand for the sole purpose of attracting the younger crowd, so Koodo has offered these budget plans with no activation fee, as a further incentive.

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