Kodak Takes Aim At Sony With PixPro SL10 And SL25 Smart Lenses

You never hear anyone talk about Kodak anymore. At the very least they're something of a faint whisper. Kodak is most famous and well known for their iteration of point and shoot cameras, and they want us to know that they're still here, and to remember them once again. Interestingly enough, Kodak wants to dominate the area where Sony has already broken ground. With Smart Lenses. Sony's QX line of Smart Lenses was impressive, but Kodak thinks they can do better, or at least compete evenly. They're introducing its PixPro Smart lenses into the market with the SL10 and the SL25, both Smart Lenses that will attach to your smartphone to form one amazing picture taking machine. The idea behind the smart lense is to provide your smartphone with the capability to snap amazing photos and get a much more impressive picture result. More and more people are snapping photos with their smartphones nowadays, so why not cater to that market?

The SL10 offers you 10x optical zoom with 108p video recording, and comes with a 28-280mm wide angle lens with OIS(Optical Image Stabilization). The cost of this little beauty is going to be $199 when it launches. As for the SL 25, it will carry a 25x optical zoom, and will have a 24mm ultra wide angle lens, and it will retail for $299 when it launches. So far, we know nothing about how many Mega Pixles will be present on either lens, as Kodak has been pretty hush hush about that particular detail, they also haven't mentioned anything about battery life so we unfortunately have no idea how long these lenses will be able to operate during use.

Both The SL10 and the SL25 will interface with your smartphone through a free app that you'll be able to download, which hopefully will allow some sort of easy sharing capabilities for photo editing using some favorite apps like Snapseed. Storage wise both lenses will have their own built in storage capabilities via a microSD card, so as not to interfere with the storage on your device. Both these lenses sound like they could be some good competition for what's already out there, and they're certainly both cheaper than what Sony is offering with their QX lenses. If these offer the same MP count as Sony's QX, would you consider buying one? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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