Klinker Introduces Two New Apps To The Play Store; Welcome Talon For Twitter And EvolveSMS

If you're familiar with Klinker apps and their sliding messaging app then you may have already known about their upcoming additions to the Play Store. For those that were unaware, Klinker has just introduced two new apps today, one called EvolveSMS, and the other is a new Twitter Client app called Talon for Twitter. EvolveSMS is an app that you can use in place of the default SMS app already installed on the phone out of box, and offers some pretty nice features for someone who is looking to spice up their SMS experience just a little.

One of the more interesting and appealing features of Evolve, is the use of Facebook and Google+ cover photos at the top of the message thread of whoever you're corresponding with, giving it little more of an advanced design that isn't so plain. It also integrates Facebook contact photos into the mix. EvolveSMS has theme support so you can further customize your SMS experience, as well as support for night mode, which changes the background color to black and makes the screen a little less bright should you be texting in darker rooms, where the bright white light might disturb others. It's always nice to be respectful of others when you're texting, right? This isn't the end for features of Evolve, as their are also other notable mentions like full multimedia support. Yep, EvolveSMS will support Gif images, as well as video, audio, contacts, and your location through texts. Group messaging, two home screen widgets as well as a lock screen widget, and batch deletion of messages round out the best parts of the app.

As for Talon for Twitter, this is a new Twitter client app that can be used in place of the official Twitter app. Some of us at Android Headlines are huge fans of CarbonV2 for Twitter, but seeing as how Carbon has already reached it's token limit of 100k users, we can't really recommend that at the moment. This new client might be a nice alternative though if you're looking for something to use instead of the official app. Talon has some great features going for it like support for livestreaming, although we're not sure how often you might use that one. It also offers the support for two accounts which can be useful if you have one for work and one for personal.


You can also customize Talon with themes if you prefer, and change things like the text size to fit your liking. Other features like the Emojii support and the in-app browser make Talon a pretty nice client overall. We also can't forget the ability to view multiple timelines, which comes in handy most of the time. Talon also has a night mode just like EvolveSMS, and also comes with a do not disturb mode which is an absolutely wonderful feature. If you wanted to give either of these new apps from Klinker a go, you can grab EvolveSMS or Talon for Twitter from the Play Store. Evolve will be a free app to use, while Talon will cost you $1.99 to install. Let us know what you think about both apps in the comments. Has anyone used any apps from Klinker before?

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