KitKat Update Disabling Some Aftermarket Galaxy Note 3 Accessories; Root Will Fix The Issue

In a not so surprising turn of events, some users who are the proud owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, have been reporting that their aftermarket Sview covers for the note 3 have stopped working completely after the KitKat update. This shouldn't come as a complete shock to most, as the word about a new policy coming from Samsung to enforce officially certified accessories had spread like wildfire just a few months ago. What that means is that cases or accessories that didn't sport the official Samsung Identification Chip would no longer work at some point. It seems that time is now, and Samsung is finally starting to act on those policies that people had heard about. The downside for the consumer is that many have already purchased these accessories and have been using them for sometime now. However, all is not lost as there are apparently some crafty users over at XDA(as always) that have come up with a couple solutions including a root fix for the issue.

Thanks to users making reports on XDA about their Spigen Sview covers not working after the update to Android 4.4 KitKat, that must have got the community thinking, and low and behold someone came up with a work around. The development community never ceases to amaze us when it comes to fixing little issues, or even bigger ones like this where peoples cases stop functioning, because of software policies that appear to have been set in place by the manufacturer. Hopefully word of this problem gets out to Spigen and other manufacturers before too many more of the non working accessories are sold, but realistically that would still take a little bit of time. Perhaps a few quick phone calls and maybe within a few hours stores could start pulling stock. Nevertheless, some people are more than likely going to end up with one of these before an official fix comes or before the accessory companies address the issue.

Now, if you're someone who already has one of these cases and has come in contact personally with the problem at hand, there are apparently two ways to get this fix going. One involves only the Spigen Sview covers, and the other involves rooting, and installing Xposed Framework but works for all or seemingly all third party accessories. For the Spigen, you will also have to acquire the Official Samsung Sview cover as well, as a little bit of hacking is in order. In short, all you have to do is remove the official Samsung ID chip from the Sammy Sview cover, and place it onto the Spigen one. You'll also have to end up removing one of the tiny magnets from one of the old samsung earphones and put it over the chip, on the inside of the cover to hold it in place. This is outlined in the post on XDA by member jkozluck.

The other fix we were talking about supposedly works for any third party case, but will require to have Xposed Framework installed, which for those of you that don't know, needs root access. So you'll have to root your phone and have this installed for the fix to work. That being said,. Xposed Framework can also cause problems itself, like not being able to play your absolute favorite game, Final Fantasy VI. Although only some people with Xposed are experiencing that issue. If you are ok with rooting and putting Xposed onto your Note 3, then head over to the official XDA thread that outlines the instructions to complete the process. Hopefully this will help some people get their cases working again, and even though this is a bold yet tacky move from Samsung, perhaps there will be some official word from them in the near future about the matter.

Source: XDA Developers
Image Credit: XDA
Via: Sammobile

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