Jermaine Smit Finishes His Renders Of the HTC One+ and They Look Rather Elegant

The HTC One+ has yet to show up in the wild, leaving what it could look like to our imaginations. Jermaine Smit who has designed many different concepts before for various other handsets, has just finished his set of renders for the HTC One+, and his imagination seems to work rather well as these concept designs of the device look great. The HTC One+ is rumored to have a 5+inch Full HD display that is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, and is supposed to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU. The HTC One+(Codenamed the M8 and previously thought to be called the HTC One 2) is also rumored to have a 2,900mAh battery, which should prove useful in powering the device fairly well.

According to the renders, the HTC One+ will come in three different flavors for those of us that like to have some variety in our phone color choices. If the phone comes out like what the renders depict, you'll have your choice of an HTC One+ in either a Black or White, or what looks to be a sort of Cobalt Blue color. The renders also depict the One+ to have a slightly wider look than the original HTC One from last year, and it seems to have a smaller bezel as well, which we know people won't complain about, seeing as how smaller bezels are sleeker and are all the rage these days. The renders show what look to be the return of the Boomsound speakers on the front, along with the capacitive buttons on the front as opposed to having the buttons integrated into the UI like on a Nexus device.

These phone renders are by all means very well done and we'd definitely like to see the end result from HTC themselves come with most of if not all of the design in Jermaine's vision of the device. More and more rumors continue to surround the next flagship from HTC, and hopefully they have paid a great deal of attention to their consumers in regards to what they want from the manufacturer for design and features/specs of the upcoming phone. What do you think about jermaine's renders of the HTC One+? Let us know in the comments if you would change anything or if you like the design the way that it is.

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