Integrate Your Android Device With Your Car Using The Hardware/App Combo "Dash"

While companies like Google and Hyundai are fast at work developing further into the realm of the connected car through the open auto alliance, companies like Dash have been busy getting their app of the same name, ready for use within your current vehicle to give it some connected car like features. Although this isn't the only app or service to offer you these types of services, Dash makes itself unique with some of it's offerings. To get Dash working first what you have to do is plug in the needed piece of hardware from Dash, which is a little device that you connect to your car under the steering wheel. The tiny little device which you plug in yourself connects to your phone via bluetooth, and then proceeds to feed information to the app, which you can view on your phone. It's a different way to think about the idea of the connected car, but for today's current vehicles, or even some older ones, it just might work quite nicely.

Once you have Dash up and running and have the app installed, Dash provides you with useful information like driving habits, trip information, gas use and the ability to find gas stations that are close by in case you need to fill up. it also provides you with crash data, should you ever need to have that information on hand. These features aren't necessarily groundbreaking, but that's just where Dash meets up with other apps to compete and give you similar capabilities.

Where Dash actually sets itself a little bit apart is through the insights feature, which seeks to help you better your driving performance by alerting you when you do certain things that could be considered as needing improvement. If you have problems with either switching lanes too fast or perhaps not using your blinker through a turn, Dash can bring these things to your attention so you can attempt to change them. Above that, they make driving a little bit competitive by setting up a "driver score" for you that you can use to see how you measure up against other drivers that are using the app. Dash says that the device and app combination work in all vehicles made from 1996 forward, so even if you have an older vehicle you should still be able to use this set up. If you have a bad memory, you can even use Dash's car locator to find your vehicle, which we know will come in handy for plenty of drivers out on the road especially if you live in a bigger city. Will any of you be looking into the Dash setup? If you want to try it out you can grab the app from the Play Store link here.

Source: Tech Crunch

Via: Android Community

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