Infamous Leaker @evleaks Gives Us A Glimpse At The First HTC M8 Wallpaper

This can be one of the best times of the year for tech geeks, and more specifically those of us who have a passion for all things mobile related. CES happens in January, MWC happens in February, and all the while in between we get plenty of leaks, photos, and rumors about upcoming devices, just so that we can sate our hunger for all the new phones, phablets and tablets to come. One such device that has had its fair share of leaks and rumors, is the follow up to HTC's popular flagship HTC One smartphone from last year. Even though we've heard just about everything under the sun about the possible specs and features, from design, to included hardware specs, to potential price ranges and even names, the HTC One+(codenamed M8) still remains just a tad bit elusive. That hasn't stopped infamous leaker @evleaks from giving us more fat to chew on with a wallpaper that is allegedly part of the new set of wallpapers for the upcoming flagship smartphone.

Now @evleaks is very well known as a credible source of information when it comes to future devices, specs and the like. So even though you should still take any alleged specs, rumors, and yes even possible wallpapers from unreleased phones with a grain of salt, we have seen @evleaks prove to us all time and time again that the information he posts through his twitter account ends up being correct. Keeping that in mind, if this is in fact one of the wallpapers from the HTC One+(M8), there is little to no reason to keep something like this hush hush or hidden from the public eye. Especially when we're most likely fairly close to a launch date. Since there has not actually been any confirmation on the launch from HTC themselves yet, we're only speculating as to the release being sometime soon. However, if HTC plans to release their newest flagship around the same time as the last one, then we could be looking at a launch for the M8 as soon as march.

What do you all think about this new wallpaper? Do you think it evokes the style of the upcoming phone we have yet to see first hand from HTC? Will any of you be downloading this wallpaper? We know that it's just a wallpaper image, so how can we really know that it is indeed from the M8? Well there's no way to know for certain just yet, but rumors are that the M8 would come with a 1080P screen, and this wallpaper which you can download from Google Docs has 2160 x 1920 pixles, which is the correct resolution for scrollable wallpapers that are designed to fit a 1080P screen. Add that to the fact that this image came from a trusted source saying this is an M8 wallpaper, and we have ourselves one very real possibility. If you love HTC and want to show your support, there's no better way to do it than to download the wallpaper and use it on your current device. You can grab the download from this link. 

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