IndieGoGo Project ThingCharger Smashes Its Funding Goal And Aims To Give Us Our Outlet Space Back

Crowd funded projects for tangible real world products have become quite popular over the last few years. We have seen some really great stuff come out of them too, like the Neptune Pine Smart Watch, and the Case4Glass that are up on Kickstarter right now. One of the newest things to come from the well known crowd funded site indieGoGo, is a device that wants to change up the way we charge things from our outlets. The device, called thingCHARGER, is simply that. A charger so to speak that keeps your outlets open so you can still use them. The design for the product is rather quite interesting, and it would be nice to have those outlets back.

We aren't the only ones that think thingCHARGER is a great idea. The people that helped fund this project also seem to love it, and agree with the notion of keeping your outlet space open in case you need to charge other things as well. Not only that, but thingCHARGER has gotten tons of media attention as well, which will most likely help their cause and exposure in the long run. This isn't the first we've heard of thingCHARGER as they have had their project up on indieGOGO for almost 20 days, and with 11 days left before the campaign ends, they have passed their $25,000 goal and currently sit at just over $508,000.($508,036 at the time of writing this to be exact)

What's really interesting about thingCHARGER is the way that it works. Instead of plugging up your outlets, it actually is a stand alone outlet plate that plugs into the outlet of your choice, but has extra outlets on itself so it can leave you the open space to plug in other things. You can even stack other thingCHARGERS on top of it and have the ability to charge more of your devices, essentially making your own multi-dock. As far as where you plug your phone or tablet in, there are interchangeable connectors up on the top of thingCHARGER that allow for whatever type of device you might need to charge. It's a pretty awesome concept and I would love to have a few of these around the house to alleviate the cords. Interested in some for yourself? Well there are still nearly two weeks left before the campaign ends, so if you drop by the indieGoGo page you can pick one up for under $30. If you need more than one you can grab the bundle for $58 and get two with one free. They even have a featured 5 pack which seems to be the popular bundle of choice so far, which gives you the choice of three with two free. Let us know what you think about thingCHARGER in the comments.

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