Huawei Plans To Release Its Own Android Micro Console Soon, Called The TRON

Yet another Android Micro Console shows its face. This time from major Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Huawei is calling their Micro Console the 'TRON', and it'll reportedly be offered for a fairly cheap price. Huawei says that they aim to sell the console for under $120, which is certainly less than the NVIDIA Shield and the newly released M.O.J.O. console from Mad Catz, however unless Huawei can get the console into consumer hands for under $99, the OUYA will still beat it in cost. That being said, with some of the specs that the TRON has inside, were not sure that it needs to beat the OUYA's pricetag.

The Huawei TRON will plug into your standard HDMI port just like any other Android Micro Console, but inside it houses a Tegra 4 Chip from NVIDIA,(unlike the OUYA's Tegra 3), and will have 2GB of RAM and will have an option of either 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage. Along with those specs, the TRON will support WiFi 802.11ac, and come packed with Bluetooth 3.0. So far, the TRON is sounding like it'll shape up to be a formidable piece of equipment and stacks up nicely against the competition. From the video and some of the images it looks like the TRONs interface is somewhat like the Metro UI found on the Xbox 360 console, which isn't a bad thing. The TRON supports 4k video playback, which should allow for things to look rather nicely during use. The interesting thing about TRON is that in the games department, it will actually have a customized set of games that will be available according to Huawei. While its unconfirmed what any of these games are besides Dead Trigger 2, reports that leaks suggest there are PS3 and PC games on the list of the 12 already available titles for TRON. If we could see some major AAA games available for the console, it just might catch more gamers attention.

Huawei has been pretty quiet about pricing and launch dates, but you can expect to see this console hit the chinese market before anywhere else. For the price, and the sleek design, and what sounds to be a potentially promising setup for cheap home console gaming, the TRON just might be what some people have been waiting for in the Micro Console category. What do you think of the TRON? Is the design to your liking? If they have a fairly decent line up of games and offer it a competitive enough price would you consider buying one? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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