Huawei Ascend Six Might Be 2014's First Big Flagship Phone


Are you looking for a new smartphone in the next few months?  Tired of those big manufacturers pulling your chain and promising things that they may or may not deliver on?  Looks like just about every wish we had for the first 2014 flagship devices is coming true in the form of Huawei's next flagship device, the Ascend Six, and it just might be the new smartphone you're looking for.  Lately Huawei has been pushing out some interesting devices, but nothing that can compete with the truly top-of-the-line phones put out by HTC, Samsung and Sony, but that's looking to change with the Ascend Six.  Coming in at a ridiculous 6.9mm thick, the Ascend Six is probably the thinnest phone you'll have ever owned.  What's nice about it being this thin is that it doesn't skimp on the rest of the specs, and they are all right up there with what we expect from the likes of Samsung or HTC in the next two months.

You'll be taking pictures on a rather large 16 megapixel sensor, and viewing those pictures on an insane 2560 x 1440 resolution display, which while being insane is still only around half the resolution of what the camera shoots.  Thankfully Huawei will be packing its first 64-bit CPU into this bad boy, meaning you'll have plenty of power to drive that big, beautiful display.  It's also got 3GB of RAM, joining the Galaxy Note 3 as the only phone to feature this much RAM, and you'll have a rather generous 3050mAh battery packed inside that slim little case.  How Huawei got that big of a battery in such a thin phone is beyond words, and you'll notice it in daily use too when it's downright hard to kill the thing.  Unfortunately they've only packed 16GB of storage inside, which is plenty for a lot of people, but without expandable storage this'll immediately shut some people out from buying the phone.


Huawei is charging 5,000 Yuan or so for the phone, which puts it in the range of the rest of the high-end devices out there, and clearly more than the Ascend Mate 2 they just launched.  If you're looking for something just a little cheaper and subsequently with slightly lower specs, the Ascend P6s might just be the thing for you when it launches in the next few days.  Unfortunately if you're in the US and want any of Huawei's new phones, you'll have to import it, as they've officially pulled out of the US market for the time being.
Source: Unwired View

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