HTC Rumored To Launch the New One In March – With Better UltraPixel Camera, and Similar Design


Last February, HTC announced the HTC One. Which was no doubt a great looking device. It was probably one of the best built flagship devices we saw in 2013. However it did have it’s downfalls, just like every other device. One of the major downfalls being the camera. However, according to Bloomberg, it looks like that’s about to change. What’s surprising, is that according to to this anonymous source, HTC will keep the same name this year, so it looks like we’ll have the HTC One (2014) in a couple short months.

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that HTC is adding twin sensors into the new One, which will be providing the camera with better image quality and depth of field. Which is part of the improved UltraPixel camera. Additionally, the new HTC One will also have a slightly larger display. Rumor has it that the display will be bumped up to 5-inches. More than likely the company will stick to the Super LCD panels they’ve used on their flagships in the past like the HTC One, and One X. This same source also told Bloomberg that the company is placing Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor inside. Which will likely be the Snapdragon 800, as the Snapdragon 805 is not yet available.

HTC really needs to hit the ball out of the park when it comes to the HTC One (2014). As they’ve been losing money every quarter for a couple of years now. While they did make some money last quarter, was because they sold off their stake in Beats Audio. HTC is one of those OEMs I’d love to see stick around as I love their hardware and build quality, heck I even like Sense, but they need to sell more devices. And the need to market them more heavily. Hopefully we see a nice marketing blitz from HTC with their new flagship in the next couple of months.

The new HTC One is shaping up to be a pretty minor update over the original HTC One. But according to these rumors, it appears that they are fixing everything users were complaining about, which is a great thing.

Via: The Verge
Source: Bloomberg