HTC M8 to be First HTC Phone to Feature Onscreen Buttons?

January 27, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Along with Samsung, HTC seems to be hellbent on holding on to their hardware buttons, despite the fact that Google moved on from them in 2011, and other manufacturers, such as Sony soon followed suit. Both Samsung and HTC take different approaches, with Samsung shipping device’s with physical home buttons and HTC going the aging capacitive button route. While both methods have their merits, it seems that HTC is about to ship their latest flagship with software buttons. Such a move would make a lot of sense – no pun intended – as the current layout of buttons from HTC, a back button and a home button certainly goes against the status quo, and is more than a little confusing at first.


Prominent leaker, @evleaks, has once again taken to Twitter to reveal some more details about the upcoming HTC One revamp, codenamed the M8. This time around, there’s no image so, it’s a little harder to believe than his previous leaks. However, those that remember the run up to last year’s HTC One will remember that @evleaks was pretty much right about everything, which is hardly surprising given his reputation at this point. We’re hoping that onscreen buttons do make an appearance in HTC’s latest flagship, for a number of reasons. For one, they’re almost expected on Android devices at this point and for another, it could make the device’s physical height a little shorter, too. BoomSound speakers are more than likely to be included once again and with a rumored larger display, putting capacitive buttons in the device could make for a taller device.

It doesn’t appear that we’ll have too much longer to wait to see the arrival of HTC’s latest and greatest, the HTC One was announced only a few weeks away from today’s date and we’re sure that HTC will once again want to beat Samsung to the punch with their latest and greatest device. Do you prefer onscreen or physical buttons? Shout out down below!

Via: Pocketnow
Source: @evleaks