How to Keep Strangers From Emailing You Via Google+

We are not sure how many times you have wanted to email someone but didn't have their email address. We also don't know if that person you wanted to email was on Google+, and you knew that but still didn't have their email address. So to fix that problem, Google has updated Gmail, adding a couple features to both mobile and PC versions. This may be old news to you but one of which, is the ability to send emails from your Gmail, to anyone in your G+ circles. The thing is, this means anyone can just add you to their circles, and then send you an email, without having to know your email address. Well there's a fix for that, if you want it.

The added feature seems to be a great one, unless you are the type who doesn't like to have complete strangers coming to you for whatever reason and fill your inbox. If that doesn't bother you, than it works great so you won't have to ask someone for their email address and wait for a response, instead you can just email them and wait for a response. that the feature would receive mixed feelings from users of both Gmail or G+ or both, Google gave options, just another one of the many reasons we love Google.

If you don't want to use this feature or want to customize it to an extent, just go into your Gmail account, get into your settings menu and stay in the "General" tab. Look through the options and you will find there is a new section called "Email via Google+". That's where you will find that you can select exactly who can email you using your G+ account.

The options vary as you might be used to if you have messed with your G+ settings, or even put a G+ account together. The available selections are: No One, Circles, Extended Circles, or Anyone on Google+. So see people who may have been worried about their fragile Gmail inbox, there is hope for you yet. We have already asked what you think about this new feature, but with the newly discovered settings option, has your feelings changed? Or do you still feel the same?

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