Greenify App now Works on Non-Rooted Devices – Helps you Hibernate Apps with Ease


For Android power users, especially those who are not afraid to root their beloved devices, a world of root-only apps becomes instantly available. One app which is particularly famous among root-users is Greenify. The app provides users with the capability to hibernate apps running in the background, which helps to save precious processor resources as well as improving upon battery life. In combination with an Xposed module, Greenify can be used to hibernate system apps as well, without sacrificing push notification functionality. Click here for our guide on using Greenify. (no longer valid / available)

For the general Android user, who does not want to root his device, Greenify in its previous avatar was useless. For the uninitiated, rooting is process wherein users of the Android ecosystem can gain privileged access or control of their devices. Rooting allows users read-write access to the system partition, which is useful when a user wants to make changes at the deepest level. Our guide on Android's rooting terms will help you sort through the confusion.


The developers of Greenify have definitely given thought to this fact that most Android users were unable to use their app due to the root access requirement. The latest update to the app today does away with root access and now the app can be used on any Android device. Now you can finally stop Facebook from running in the background and draining your battery.

The only downside to the revocation of the root access requirement is that the apps are not automatically hibernated once you launch them. This is where you can use the Greenify widget which gets installed along with the app. Once you place the Greenify widget on your home screen, just tap it once in a while and it will hibernate all running apps and provide you with better battery life and overall better device responsiveness.



If the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet has started lagging since the time you bought it, and the RAM on your device is 1 GB or less; we would suggest that you give the Greenify app a go – especially since the basic functionality of Greenify is free. Do let us know in the comments below what you think of Greenify. Also for your convenience we have added the Play Store link to the app below.

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