Google's Goal Tracker Site Schemer To Be Shut Down On February 7

schemer 1

When Google launched its Schemer service back in December of 2011, most people thought it was pretty cool, but questioned how useful it proved to be. Schemer originally promised to be a sort-of social network based around location. It let users make lists of goals, or “schemes” that they wanted to accomplish, and then interact with other users who wanted to accomplish the same tasks.

The social element came from connecting with other users who had either already accomplished a task or who also wanted to do it. The goals you added could be anything from “visit Hawaii,” or “Lose 50 pounds” to “write a novel” or “finish a puzzle.” Users could either search for existing popular goals to add, or type their own.

Well, after two years of being in beta and failing to attract a large number of users, Google has decided it’s time for Schemer to shut down. The service gained a few new features over its life, but it remained largely the same and Google did almost nothing to advertise it. There are probably quite a few people who haven’t heard of it until now.

The Schemer website now displays a notice to visitors warning them of the shutdown and directing them to other Google services:

QUOTE:::::: Schemer launched in beta over a year ago to help inspire and motivate people to do more awesome stuff, and though it’s shutting down, the adventures will continue. You can use the “Explore” section on Google Maps for Android and iOS to find interesting things to do around you, or Field Trip to uncover hidden or unique things in your city, among others.

Users will have until February 7 to download their data before Schemer closes completely. The app is still available for download in the Play Store for now, but that will likely disappear soon, too.

It’s hard to be surprised that Schemer is getting the ax, honestly. The service was never promoted and simply didn’t get the attention to gain a large amount of users. Perhaps we’ll eventually see Schemer’s features appear in Google+, but for now, if you were a fan of Schemer, be sure to download your data and look for a new goal tracking service.

Are you disappointed to see Schemer shut down? Have you already moved to a different goal tracking service that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!