Google Working on Fitness API for Android; Could Google Now Become a Personal Trainer, Too?



Google Now has come a long way since it first debuted in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the Nexus 7 – it's also heading to a Desktop near you. Now, it displays us cards for all manner of things, making it one of the most useful aspects of Google's operating system. With the Nexus 5, Google Now got a little update that tracked our activity, specifically how far we had been walking in any given month. This was introduced with the Nexus 5 as it came with a pedometer built-in to the hardware, making activity tracking a lot more precise and easier on the device's battery, thanks to not having to resort to GPS tracking. This seems to be just the beginning as it now looks like Google is building a fitness API in order to better track activity and perhaps deliver fitness apps in the next version of Android.




Google Operating System came across the above source code via a tip and it clearly outlines a new type of API that would allow Android apps to get access to fitness data stored on your device. We're assuming that Google is introducing this new functionality in response to the recent influx of wearable smartbands that monitor our activities and give us tips on how to improve our health. These devices are only increasing in number hell, there's even a smart fork that tells you to slow down while you're eating. It's hardly surprising that Google would want to leverage these devices and hopefully, Google can be a driving force that helps to create a standard for these sort of devices.


Google Now is perhaps the most logical place for this new API to be best used, at least at first. Imagine if Google Now could display information for all activities, and not just walking? It would certainly make it easier to track your workouts, games or matches from Google Now, rather than a separate app. However, this is going to be more of an API that other Android apps can tap into, as such the next version of Android could welcome some very impressive fitness apps indeed.

Source: Google Operating System
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