Google and Samsung Get on the Same Page for Patents, with Patent Cross-Licensing Deal

It has been no secret that as of late there have been many, many battles over patents infringement, courtesy of both Apple and Samsung.  The two tech giants have been going at it for quite a while now, engaging in court battle after court battle to settle who has the rights to use certain technologies.  Google, a major innovator, has had some mild strife with Samsung as of late, it would appear that the two of them are looking to be more friendly than competitive.  The two tech companies released a broad 10-year plan that will cover their existing patents and those covered over the next ten years.  They revealed almost no details about the terms of the plan, claiming that it is 'mutually beneficial' and will allow them to focus on providing the best products for their customers rather than engaging in a bunch of litigation battles.  They are showing that it is in fact possible for two major innovators to cooperate rather than just fighting each other in patent court.

Apple has been the biggest instigator of these patent cases over the last several years, taking both Samsung and many other Android handset manufacturers to court over the last several years.  Apple is very particular about their technologies, even taking Samsung to court over the tiniest details, such as having a swipe-down menu, like the Android-first notification pane, bounce back slightly when it hits the bottom of the screen.  The cases have become so numerous that Apple and Samsung are being order to hold talks in an attempt to reach a settlement, even though Apple has won almost every case held in the US.  These litigation battles cost millions of dollars that could be spent better elsewhere, and it looks like that is exactly what Google and Samsung are looking to do.  Even though they have had their quarrels, Samsung has had their biggest successes with Google's Android OS, and any legal battles between the two would only slow down innovation on their parts.

With Google and Samsung on the same page, this could be a very interesting year.  While most Android purists despise what Samsung has done to the OS with TouchWiz and other gimmicks, there are some technologies that Samsung has spearheaded that could be very useful.  It could be interesting to see if the companies will not only not sue each other for mild patent infringements, but if they start using each others' technology in their devices.  For example, a new Nexus 10 with the multitasking of a Galaxy Note 10.1.  I feel that this relationship between the two Android manufactures could be extremely beneficial to each of them, and to use as consumers, supplying us with better and more efficient technology.  What do you think?  Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

Source:  CNET

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