Google Releases A New API For Developers For The Android Version Of Google Drive

January 16, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s a good day for Android developers that use Google Drive. Today the Google Development Team has announced that they have released a new Google Drive Android API within Google Play Services 4.1, so developers can “add the convenience of Google Drive cloud storage to their apps without breaking a sweat”, says Magnus Hyttsten, a member of the Drive team. The really great thing about this API is the speed. Previously, Google Drive integration with Android was a possibility, but the improvements that this API brings to the table are all in the fast seamless experience that Android Developers will surely notice, as their apps will now integrate with Drive in the backend within minutes.

Speed isn’t the only benefit here. The new API also provides syncing between different devices for all user files, as well as makes an impact that is as minimal as possible on the weight of your apps. In providing minimal impact to the size of .apk binaries, developers will see a result of faster downloads, having to update their apps less, and overall the execution footprint will be smaller. Developers will also see the added improvement of transparent use and syncing of local storage. As mobile as we are, a data connection is not always available. Google understands this, which is why they added in this feature. Data stored locally this way can ensure that you never miss a beat and that when a connection does become available, the Android sync scheduler kicks in and Syncs all the data to the cloud when it can.

These new Google Drive API implementations should make the work for developers much easier, allowing for the ability to worry about more important things than if an app has failed API calls. If you develop apps for Android and want to get started with adding these changes into your apps, you can grab all the necessary files from the Google Drive Github Repository, and be sure to turn an eye over to the launch video that was also provided by the Google Drive Team.