Google And Motorola Employ Scientist Responsible For Making Plants Sing Via Touch Sensitivity

January 15, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google continues to innovate with their main bread and butter, which is providing a wealth of information to anyone, anywhere in as many ways as possible via “search”. It’s safe to say that Google has successfully conquered the information industry in a way, which has caused Google to move onto newer and more interesting things of a more advanced, yet slightly weirder standing. Google Owned Motorola has reportedly given a job to a scientist who is responsible for making potentially all things touch sensitive. Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, is a research scientist who is the mastermind behind the development of a technology called Touche, which has the ability to turn any living thing or inanimate object into something that is touch sensitive and gesture responsive.

This technology works by using capacitive sensing over a broad spectrum of frequencies. Touche can potentially enable things like your kitchen table or even parts of the human body to be the interface, allowing interaction with our data and in a whole new way. This opens up the door for plenty of possibilities for doing things with touch and gestures that just isn’t possible with touch screens in their current state. It’s tough to imagine what Motorola will want this guy, but that isn’t going to stop us from trying to imagine what sort of ideas he might bring to the table.

Pouyprev is now part of Motorola’s advanced technology and products unit, and he is joined by Regina Dugan (an ex-DARPA director),who runs the department. The Advanced Technology and Products Unit is the team behind the Moto X, which has a few great innovations, but Motorola doesn’t seem to be content with just a few. The next step for Motorola might be to seek out ways to enhance the use of today’s smartphones by way of Touche which Poupyrev had a key role in creating. We already use our smartphones as a remote control for various things around the home and even in our vehicles, but imagine if you will having the capability to bring up your smartphone’s music play list just by touching a Touche enabled part of your body, essentially making you the control for your smartphone. Things will certainly begin to become interesting with this scientist on Motorola’s payroll, and we can’t wait to see what types of technology they will come up with next.