Google Issued A New Design Patent For Glass, With Some Changes


Image Courtesy of USTPO, via Droid-Life

Google filed a new patent back on July 19, 2013 that is just coming to light now.  The US Patent and Trademark Office website shows us that Google is prepping a slight variation on their Glass device that seems to, from the drawing at least, be sporting some kind of ear buds on the side.  However, on that patent it says that the broken lines in the drawing  are not a definite part of the final design, which means that it could be foreshadowing some kind of accessory for Glass.  Also, the obvious change in thickness from the Glass that we have come to know could just be the drawing, or it could mean something else entirely.  It is completely possible that Google will be releasing different lines of Glass for people who do different activities.  This model might be meant for the more active individual, like a runner.  The larger frame could suggest increased durability and longevity, but we will have to wait until Glass fully goes public to see any kind of factual information outside of speculation.


Even though Glass hasn't been released to the public yet, it has still faced scrutiny from both the private and public sectors over privacy concerns.  It began withbars and restaurants banning Glassbefore it even was released.  People have even been subject to police prosecution for wearing Google's new bit of next-gen wearable tech.  Now, we even have whole states taking action to ban Glass.  Personally, I think that Glass would be safer than a GPS while driving, because the display is right in your field of vision anyways.  You will be able to handle things hands-free and, if worst comes to worst, see the road out of your peripheral vision should Glass demand more than a modicum of your attention.  Even with the new designs of Glass, Google still faces a massive challenge in regards to a public roll-out.  Major props to them for advancing technology, but the big question is whether or not the public is ready for it yet, and as to that I am not sure.  What do you think?  Are we as a society ready for Glass to enter into our mists?  Or will it take a few years before Glass becomes a mainstream success?

Via:  Droid-Life Source:  USPTO

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