Google Glass is Simply 'Glass' According to Google's Developer Website


Glass has been a pretty popular item for the past year or so. It started out with a select few getting the ability to pay Google $1500 for Glass, and it's slowly opened up to more and more people. In fact, now anyone with Google Play Music All Access subscription should be getting an invite. We've heard rumors that Glass will be available to the general public this year, and others say in 2015. So we aren't sure when it'll be available to everyone, but we're hoping it's soon.

Google has published some branding guidelines for Glass today. These guidelines are for devs and commercial partners that impose some odd restrictions on their language, changes that may slowly trickle down into the common vernacular. The biggest thing here is that Google wants us calling it just 'Glass'. Not Google Glass, but just Glass. Most of us have been calling it Google Glass or Project Glass for quite a while now, so it may take some time for us to get to the just Glass thing. You can also forget about any references to Glass's frame, Earbuds, or software. Google has decided that it never wants Glass to take a possessive form. Also Google doesn't want Glass to be plural. So if you call them Glasses, Google may come an hunt you down.


It's kinda strange to see Google being so controlling over Glass, when they were no where near that controlling with Android. But it's a good thing. Especially since Glass costs $1500 right now. It's also not open source like Android, even though it does run on Android…Ice Cream Sandwich as it were. You can take a look at Google's new branding guidelines here. They are quite interesting, to say the least.

How many of you are looking to purchase some Glass from Google soon? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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