Glu Mobile Releases Eternity Warriors 3 Onto Android; A Hack and Slash Action RPG That Delivers Multiplayer


Glu Mobile releases some pretty fun games. They're well known for such franchises as the Eternity Warriors series. They were even behind Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies which came out quite some time ago. The newest release from Glu Mobile is the third installment in the Eternity Warriors Franchise, and has hit the Play Store as of yesterday. Eternity Warriors 3 brings with it many updates and improvements over the last two titles, not the least of which is gorgeous new visuals. Alongside that Eternity Warriors 3 brings multiplayer to the table, so you can hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies with or without your friends.

Eternity Warriors 3 lets you play as, coincidentally(?) three different heroes, although from the beginning you can only play as the Warrior or the Monk, and can only later choose to play as the Mage once you have completed a certain series of missions that compile into one quest. There are many other additions to the game, like exploration, which has grown on a massive scale compared to the first two games in the series. You can now explore and battle your way through three different kingdoms instead of just the one that we're used to. You can now compete in Tournament events against other real players and their guilds, and you can still develop your character with all kinds of epic gear, and pair it with powerful abilities and skills specific to each class. There's also tons of new enemies and dungeons to conquer, with tons more loot to acquire as well. Speaking of "LOOT", since there's now a multiplayer aspect to the game where you can actually live chat with other players in real time, Glu has opened up the ability to even take a peek at the loot of other players so you can see how well you stack up, (or fall short).

For everything Glu has put into Eternity Warriors 3, they have thrown up the game onto the Play Store for FREE( which is no surprise as they are big fans of the Free-To-Play model) with the added option of IAP if you choose to slide any real money towards the game. So far after having completed a few of the missions myself, it's uncertain whether or not you will eventually be required to purchase some things if you want to end up completing the game, but Eternity Warriors 3 is definitely fun and if you love hack and slash action RPGs with beautiful graphics you should at least give it a try. Hit the link to download the game from the Play Store for free and get to the action!

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