Give your Oppo N1 Some CyanogenMod 11 Love;Nightlies Are Now available

Oppo's rendition of the Phablet from 2013 was the Oppo N1, but more than being a 6+ inch device with a sweet swiveling 13MP camera, it was the first device to mark the passing into a new age. One where smartphone and aftermarket Android firmware could live in harmony as one, straight out of the box. Yes, the Oppo N1 is the very first to device to come pre installed with CyanogenMod. It was truly an occasion worth toasting, and were sure that the Cyanogen team is more than proud to finally have their accomplishments recognized by a manufacturer. Despite the fact that they have managed to get their custom version of Android to be pre-loaded onto a major phone though, for those who were looking to pick up the Cyanogen version of the N1, you still have to deal with a Jelly Bean based device.

Well, not anymore. Cyanogen is confronting that situation head on, and have begun to deliver nightly builds for CyanogenMod 11 to the Oppo N1. So if you weren't too keen on having an outdated OS, Cyanogen has your back as always, and has gotten KitKat ready for you. Now these are nightly builds, so that means there will be some instabilities, but if you're the type of person to purchase the Cyanogen version of the N1 we probably don't need to tell you that, as we're confident that you're already aware of the limitations and factors that come along with running a nightly build of the OS. Nightly builds aren't always unstable, and in fact CM nightlies have come quite a long ways since CyanogenMods early days when they had a few more issues during first nighly releases. The very first version of the CM 11 nightly that I had running on my Nexus 4 was quite stable, so you should expect to have a decent experience on your N1 if you decide to flash this.

Now, enough talk. I'm sure that if you've read this far you're already itching to get CM11 up and running, so without further ado, you can grab the nightly builds of CyanogenMod 11 from the link below, or you can just head straight to the CyanogenMod web portal if you want to dink around a bit first. Although this is likely not the case, perhaps the nightly builds could be meant as a precursor, to see how the CM11 version of the software runs on the N1, so that the midnight black color variant might come with it out of box down the line at some point? Like I said, more than likely not, but it would be awesome right? You can grab the nightly for your N1(both versions) from the CyanogenMod link below. Happy Flashing!

Source: CyanogenMod
Via: Android Police

Image: Intomobile

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