Get Your Grub On Without Leaving The House Thanks To Foursquare And GrubHub Seamless

Most everyone is probably familiar with Foursquare. The location tracking website and app that lets you check in to places and earn badges based off of how many times you check in, earning you the title of "Mayor" of that particular place or business. The good news for users of Foursquare, is that they are now integrating with GrubHub Seamless to offer Food delivery to customers. For those who are unaware of what or who GrubHub is, it's a service that basically picks up whatever you order from a restaurant that may otherwise not deliver or at the least not deliver to your side of town, and they will bring the food back to you. Most importantly, this service is apparently "free" to users. This type of service is quite amazing and makes getting takeout that much easier, as we know that actually leaving the house or wherever you are isn't always in the cards. Sometimes it just boils down to not wanting to leave, and with the paring of Foursquare and GrubHub you should no longer have to.

If you're asking yourself where this service is available, the list is actually fairly extensive. GrubHub is an offerable service in hundreds of different cities, but they obviously don't operate everywhere. The cities where GrubHub is available though are all in the U.S., so if you live in a larger city chances are that GrubHub operates there. According to the announcement on Foursquare's Blog, GrubHub supported restaurants reach far into the thousands with an estimated number of over 20,000 restaurants. That's a lot of places to chow down without actually having to physically eat there.

If you have been away from Foursquare for sometime or are perhaps even a newcomer to the app, with this service integration now in place Foursquare has become even more of an enticing app to use, and now is as good of a time as any to give it a try. If you already have foursquare on your device and want to check this new service out, you can simply search for a place to eat within Foursquare, and if that establishment offers the Grubhub delivery option, there will be a little icon representing "GrubHub" or "Seamless" towards the bottom of the listing that you can click on to get things moving. Do that, and you'll be eating in no time. The new feature within Foursquare goes live on Android devices today, and if you want to grab Foursquare for an install, you can grab the app from the Play Store by hitting the link. Enjoy!

Source: Foursquare Blog

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