Game Insight To Offer Spin-Off Of Hit City Builder Game The Tribez, Called The Tribez And Castlez In Early 2014

If you love city builders, you may have already heard of Game Insights hit game called The Tribez. If not, it's one city builder that you definitely need to check out. The Tribez was so wildly popular that Game Insight is going to be offering a spin-off game that plays just like The Tribez titled The Tribez And Castlez. This new game offers the same fun and excitement of the original city builder it's modeled after, but with a whole new fantasy and high adventure theme.

In The Tribez And Castlez, players will be thrust into another world where magic reigns supreme, thanks to a scientific experiment that has gone terribly wrong. Magic is not the only thing that is different about this place though. This new world is brimming with all sorts of dangers. Werewolves that hide throughout the lush forests, Dragons that fly overhead waiting for that precise moment to swoop down and set everything in its path ablaze. Your job as Prince Eric will be to rebuild your glorious kingdom. You'll have some help of course, from the beautiful Princess Aurora and the Professor. Together you three will protect the kingdom from evil from the realms worst villains and their devious schemes.

To make sure your kingdom is safe and that you can restore peace to a once great land, you'll have to enlist the aid of the Professor to build and fortify magic towers and other defenses. You must stop at nothing to protect your kingdom from treacherous enemies like powerful Trollums and malicious Gobools. To build defenses, you'll need money. You can build up and make your economy prosper by breeding animals and growing crops for food, and by building factories and sawmills to offer goods to the people of the kingdom. The Tribez And Castlez will offer you tons of adventure in a distant land filled with magic, epic battles with cunning enemies, mighty dragons and other various creatures that seek to harm you and your people, and of course you'll make some friends along the way. Your duty is to help defend this kingdom from all evils. If you're up to the task.

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