Galaxy Note 3 Lite to Feature 720p Display, Running on Android 4.3

Note 2 S Pen

We’ve been hearing a lot about an upcoming Galaxy Note 3 “Lite” to come from Samsung this year and now, SamMobile are reporting that the device could feature just a 720p display. While there’s something to be said for such a resolution, and its underwhelming presence in a world of Full HD 1080p panels, with even 2K displays creeping their way in, what we have to remember is that this device is going to be aimed at the budget market. A UAProf (user agent profile) has been spotted that lists a device with the model number of SM-N750 and a display resolution of 1280 x 720, which a lot of you will remember being the resolution used in 2012’s Galaxy Note II.

There’s no telling what size display we’re looking at here but, what with this being a Galaxy Note device, we have to be thinking of something above 5-inches, possibly in the 5.2 to 5.5-inch range. All signs are pointing to the Galaxy Note 3 Lite being a cut-down and remodeled version of the Galaxy Note II from 2012. Which would make a whole lot of sense, when you think that Samsung will be able to quickly and easily produce 720p panels that were used in the Note II and they might even be able to use the same Exynos 4412 that proved itself to be a speedy processor inside the Note II. No matter what the device features on the inside, the price tag it wears on the out will be more important. Let’s be honest, the Galaxy Note 3 is an expensive device, it’s a lot of phone for the money but, people will expect a lot of money off for a “lite” version of the same device. Samsung will need to price such a device pretty low to sell a high volume of units but, with the idea being for people to buy the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 3, we’re not sure they’d go too low.

CES 2014 is just days away and while we might not see much from Samsung on the smartphone front, we’ve already heard from Lenvo and Mobile World Congress, in February should be an interesting time to watch for developments in the mobile world of 2014.