"Galaxy Glass" in the Works at Samsung, Possibly Ready for an IFA 2014 Announcement


Wearable technology appears to be the next arena for mobile giants such as Google, but giants like Samsung aren't content to let Google have the market all to themselves, and their own competitor to Google Glass is already in the works. Coming out of Korea today is some more news on Samsung's wearable device, which is being dubbed "Galaxy Glass" right now. According to Korean publication, the Korea Times, Samsung could be ready to announce Galaxy Glass at this year's IFA conference in the Fall. Traditionally, Samsung has made a sizable amount of noise at past IFAs, releasing the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2014 Edition last year. Such a time frame only gives Samsung 8 or so months in order to perfect the device ready for the public. It took Google a long while to make Glass presentable, yet alone fit for a limited rollout, so to see how Samsung fares will be interesting, indeed. 

A Samsung official is quoted by the publication as saying that Galaxy Glass could "lead to an exciting culture of communication. The smart glass will present our aim to lead the new market with proven capability" and that "Wearable devices can't generate profits immediately. Steady releases of devices are showing our firm commitment as a leader in new markets." It's true that wearable technology is still an unproven market, with demand yet to reach the mainstream. Even this year's CES, which was supposed to be flooded with wearable tech delivered a luke warm reaction. Still though, this sort of thing is the future and Samsung will want to be first.


According to the report, the headgear is to feature common smartwatch functionality, such as bringing alerts for texts and missed calls to the glasses' display. However, we're thinking that Samsung might be developing something more in line with the entertainment side of things. They've gained a foothold in the Smart TV space and with glasses that augment your viewing, Samsung could find themselves a nice little niche that could also help sell some more TVs. Just what Samsung is planning to do with the device is unclear, but we can't wait to find out.

Via: Android Authority
Source: Korea Times