Final Fantasy VI Comes To The Play Store; Another Epic Journey Lies Ahead

Square Enix is known for some of the most epic game sagas ever introduced into video games. The most well known of those franchises is undoubtedly Final Fantasy. Square Enix has been on a roll over the last year and a half or so, with releasing each title in the major Final Fantasy saga, leading up to Final Fantasy VI which has just launched in the Play Store as of this morning. The next epic story in one of the most compelling series of games is finally available for download, but just like the rest of the games in the series before it, it comes at a hefty price. $15.99 will allow you to obtain this masterpiece, which many fans hail as their favorite in the series, even when compared to Final Fantasy VII. Is the price worth it? To some, yes. To me even, absolutely. To most though, it might be a bit steep. Square Enix is definitely targeting core fans of the series and hardcore RPG fans here, as they have been with just about every AAA title drop they have ever released for Android.

Final Fantasy VI offers up one of if not the best storylines of all the games, where after a thousand years since the disappearance of magic, the world has been reborn and remade by humankind, into a vast Steampunk era filled with machines and gunpowder. In this sprawling technological world, only one person possesses the lost power of magic, a young girl named Terra. Terra is the main character which you control, and you must escape from the clutches of the Evil Empire who has kept you locked up for years in an attempt to harness your magical power and use it for themselves.

In Final Fantasy VI, you'll encounter many heroes, many enemies, and touch countless lives who all play a tiny role in the inevitable outcome of this harrowing tale of magic, crystals, and light VS. dark. Experience enhanced and improved graphics of the original that have been painstakingly recreated, with all graphics design being supervised by Kazuko Shibuya, who has been involved and worked on the graphics design of the Final Fantasy games since the beginning, and personally worked on the main characters in this recreation for mobile. If you're ready to dive deep into the epic fantasy of the sixth installment in this wonderful game series, head over to the Play Store to pick up the game.

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