Featured: Top 10 Car Magazines

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One of the many ways to use our smartphones or tablets is as a reader, and with almost every major newspaper, book, or magazine available as a digital download at a fraction of the paper version, it just makes a lot of sense to save the trees and read on our device.  Our society is constantly on the go and we are just as constantly taking out our device to grab some quick messages or read a few pages of a good book or magazine.  The days of folding your newspaper under your arm as you get on or off a bus or the subway are but a faint vision of yesteryear.  Now we can slide our smartphone in and out of our pocket with ease and just as easily read it in a crowded bus without having to hold up a paper “product” and always bumping into somebody.

Today we will go through the Top 10 Automotive magazines that give their readers the most up-to-date information and developments in new automotive technology, restoring classic cars, how to supe-up a hot rod, road testing, repairing vehicles, and even parts magazines – all with one destination in mind – keeping their readers informed on what interests them most…Automobiles.


10.Classic Cars

Classic Cars Collage

Classic Cars is Britain’s longest-established classic car magazine that defined the classic car 40 years ago and still does today.  Each month they bring the most in-depth coverage on exciting cars from the past, and the visionary people behind them, as well as the latest coverage of news events, marketing trends, and buying advice. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


9. 4-Wheel & Off-Road

4 Wheel & Off Road Collage

Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine is the world’s largest truck enthusiast magazine and is the best way to stay connected with the light-truck off-road market.  Features real modifications done to 4-wheel drive trucks to enhance their performance, as well as a showcase for new products and evaluations.  If you love off-road driving or racing, or simply like to modify your truck for highway use, then this is the magazine for you. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


8. Rod & Custom

Rod & Custom Collage

Rod & Custom has been around since 1953, and for good reason – it covers traditional customs, hot rods, and vintage racers.  Many how-to articles make it the magazine to turn to for help with your own customization.  Technical articles are there for those that want more in-depth information on customizing your rod.  This magazine covers the cars from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. GRAB IT HERE on Google play.


7. Hot Rod

Hot Rod Collage

Hot Rod features reviews, tour pictures, parts for classic cars and street roadsters.  They also feature a project car they are restoring and will even throw in a muscle car review – after all those infamous muscle cars are now pushing close to 50 years old!  They also feature a “reader’s ride” so you can see what other hot rodders have done with their rods. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


6. Popular Hot Rodding

Popular Hot Rodding Collage

Popular Hot Rodding can be misleading – when we hear the words “hot rod,” we think of the cars from the 30’s and 40’s turned into street rods, however, this magazine is for every guy or gal that loved the vintage American muscle and performance cars and enjoys restoring them.  In-depth technical articles about proper maintenance of your vehicle and how to build your own dream car.  Product reviews, news and events – it’s all here. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


5. Car Craft

Car Craft Collage

Car Craft is all about the good old days and the pure American power from the likes of Chevy, Mopar, Ford, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, and even AMC.  It is all about “guy stuff,” such as adding street turbos, high-performance intake manifolds, bodywork, painting, and muscle of any kind on all of the classic muscle cars, and then some. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


4. Muscle Car Review

Muscle Car CollageMuscle Car Review is unique as it focuses on restored and well-maintained original muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s.  It is packed with restoration tips, ways to enhance your car’s performance, and compares today’s, more modern muscles against the past legends.  It looks back at past at Super Stock specials, Trans-Am racers, and even some vintage Nascar racing legends.  Coverage is also included about current muscle events around the country. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


3. Road & Track

Road & Track Collage

Road & Track is another top magazine for automotive enthusiasts – providing some of the best road tests available in a magazine.  They test each vehicle both on the track and on the road to get a true idea of its performance so they give it a realistic rating.  R&T goes in-depth on topics such as vehicle technology and advances in automobile manufacturing, and what changes are made from year-to-year on models.  Car shows from around the world are reported on in great detail. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


2. Car and Driver

Car and Driver Collage

Car and Driver is another leading car publication and features a mixture of articles on road tests, comparison-shopping, car maintenance, accessories, and information on both new and older models.  It has large, full-colored images that are popular with today’s reader along with tests done on a test course and a number of drivers evaluate the auto based on several factors. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


1. Motor Trend

Motor Trend Collage

Motor Trend is a contemporary world-class publication and has been around for many years.  It features a big “splash” article on the front, and inside it goes into great depth about the featured article – not a lot of fluff, but substance.  It evaluates automotive products of all varieties and has a several sections each month devoted to racing, technical issues, styling, safety, accessories, etc.  Like most magazines, it tends to test and review higher priced vehicles, however, it gives out its highly coveted Motor Trend Car of the Year award. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.

Please let us know on our Google+ Page your favorite digital media car magazine of choice, and why – what is it you like about it so much.