Featured: Top 10 Best Stylus Drawing Apps

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Smartphones, Phablets, and Tablets are everywhere, but if you like to draw on your device, the only way to do it right is to use a stylus – like on the Samsung Note devices that come with their own S-Pen (Stylus) – or others that allow you to use just about any writing instrument, from a lead pencil to a ball point pen. It is just common sense that you will have more control over your precision masterpiece, although a few apps do lend themselves to “fingerpainting,” if that is what you enjoy. I tried to pick from a variety of applications – fun, coloring book-type to applications that Van Gogh would be proud to use. What is nice about these programs is that anyone from a rookie to a professional artist can use most of them and achieve some fun results for the beginner to awesome results for the professional.

What is also nice about apps for our devices, even if you choose to purchase the ad-free or professional version, you are only talking about the $2-$4 range, which is a small price to pay for the enhanced experience. Also be aware that some of these apps require time to learn how to use them properly – if you just want to goof around, then you can get by on little training, but if you are serious about drawing or painting on your device, then expect to put in the time to master the application. The ten applications listed below are, for the most part, listed from fun/games/easy to increasingly serious drawing/painting apps. Give them a test drive – all have a free version for you to tryout to see if it is the right one for you, then you can decide if you want to purchase the paid version.



Markers Collage

Marker is a simple drawing up to have fun with and it’s easy to use, but offers pressure-sensitive, multi-touch painting – two fingers, two lines, three fingers, three lines, and so on.  It has a kid-friendly interface so when they grab the edges of the display, their little fingers will not accidentally “paint.”  You can also share your Marker drawings into other apps or load a picture into Markers and draw on top of them.

Grab it here on Google PlayMarkers Small 

Live Graffiti – draw and play

Live Graffiti - draw and play Collage

Live Graffiti has the distinction of being the best drawing app on the Russian social network, with 7 million downloads.  It gets the word “live” in its title for the ability to send your drawing to your friend and they can actually watch you draw your creation from beginning to end.  You have your selection of size and intensity of your lines, simple and advanced color palettes, undo/redo, and even the ability to zoom in for detailed work.  Pick your delight and either draw or paint and then share.

Grab it here on Google PlayLive Graffiti - draw and play


Abstract paint full version

Abstract paint full Collage

Abstract paint is a drawing application that is designed to let you draw abstract and fractal scenes.  There are no particular skills needed for this application – just your imagination and draw away.  There is a free version of this app, however, there is a paid app version that will set you back $1.50, but takes away the advertisements, gives you 5 additional brushes, 3 additional figures, 1 additional mirror mode, and adds an automatic paint generation function.

Grab it here on Google PlayAbstract paint full


Silk paints drawing

Silk paints drawing CollageSilk paint helps you make amazing lines by simple gestures – like a magic brush.  It includes multi-touch navigation and zoom, and allows custom orientation of either portrait or landscape.  This application can be used by kids to adults and needs no internet connection, unless you want to share your creations on the social networks.

Grab it here on Google PlaySilk paints drawing


Smart Paint

Smart Paint Collage

Smart Paint is an editing and painting application that allows the user to edit and create pictures, and is packed with features.  You can resize the picture by pressing buttons or by using pinch and zoom.  You get the use of many different kind of tools, such as a pencil, pen, line, air brush, texture, gradation, bucket, figure, and eraser.  It also has the very powerful layers feature and you can save the picture with its layer structure intact.

Grab it here on Google PlaySmart Paint



DoodleInk Collage

DoodleInk is drawing program that allows the user to use ink or color layers to produce high-quality cartoon art to a virtual Matisse.  It uses pencil and watercolor tools and if used with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 8 and Note 10.1, you get to use the full pressure sensitivity.  It is a newer application, but starting to get great reviews.

Grab it here on Google PlayDoodleInk


Doodledroid – paint and sketch

Doodledroid - paint and sketch Collage

Doodledroid is a full-version program that asks for a donation if you like the application.  This app will work on either a large tablet or a small phone – and will take advantage of pressure sensitivity on devices that support that function.  Six tools are available – Brush, Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Eraser, and Smudge and will simulate brush strokes with texture selection.  Features include – Pinch to Pan and Zoom, full color palette, auto-save, import, and the ability to share your creation.

Grab it here on Google PlayDoodledroid - paint and sketch


Infinite Painter Free

Infinite Painter Free Collage

Infinite Painter is designed and optimized to work on the Samsung Galaxy Note series of smartphones and tablets.  This application brings you features that go far beyond the other rasher-based graphics programs.  This application offers 100+ brushes, the ability to blend and mix colors, uses pressure sensitivity, five types of symmetry, millions of colors, five drawing modes, rotation and flipping, and much more.  An application like this has a learning curve, but you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

Grab it here on Google PlayInfinite Painter Free (Note) Small



LayerPaint Collage

LayerPaint is a paint software program that will support multiple layers and allow you paint with a brush, eraser, line drawing, fill rectangles, select rectangle region, move, bucket tool, gradation, and the hand tool.  For the layered window, you can use add, delete, move down, set alpha, and you can toggle from visible to invisible.  This is a program that is rich with features and options.

Grab it here on Google PlayLayerPaint


SketchBook Pro

Sketch Book Pro Collage

SketchBook Pro is the de facto standard for digital sketching – it is a professional grade paint and drawing program with a sophisticated set of sketching and painting tools.  It supports full-screen workplace, full multi-touch support, dynamic symmetry, and a comprehensive brush library with over 100 presets, layers, gallery, and a pen-only mode for devices that support a stylus or S-Pen.  This program can only be used on devices with Android 4.0 and above.

Grab it here on Google PlaySketch Book Pro

Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you use a draw and paint program, which one is your favorite and why – do you just doodle or take your drawing seriously. Please post some of your creations with your comments.