Featured: Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

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This is one category that everybody uses – a Calendar – whether you use the standard calendar app on your device or simply the standard Google Calendar. Each manufacturer usually provides their own calendar app, for instance my Samsung came with a their own calendar app and generally they are pretty good, Google’s Calendar app is pretty good. However, sometimes you want something a little extra, more colorful, more options, a little more personal, and these apps allow us to add some of those features above and beyond the basic calendar. Other calendar apps are directed at one specific audience, such as our number 6 is geared towards the women, but we included it in the listing because there are many similar apps like that out there.

Let me also point out that there a MANY calendar apps on the market so anyone of these ten should suit your needs quite well – they vary only slightly in how they track your daily calendar needs via user interface (UI), but sometimes that can make all the difference in the world to the user.


10. Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Jorte Calendar & Organizer Collage

Even our number 10 calendar app, Jorte Calendar & Organizer, is still a winner with over 18 million downloads, making it one of the most popular calendar/organizer applications.  It is full of options and very customizable, yet easy to understand and follow and can be used for either personal or business use – make it pink for personal use or chose a more formal color for business use.  It syncs with the Jorte cloud so multiple devices are always updated and ready to use.


9. GO Calendar Widget

GO Calendar Widget Collage

GO Calendar widget is another calendar that only works with Go Launcher EX, which is one of the most popular Android home launchers, with over 1.6 million reviews.  As a widget, it brings the calendar and your agenda to your home screen.  You can use a monthly or agenda view to display your upcoming events.  You can Flip through the pages, add new agendas, and view the Moon phases and even the Chinese Lunar cycles.


8. Google Calendar

Google Calendar Collage

Google Calendar is a pretty basic calendar that many of us Googlers use, but it gets the job done.  It will feed you events from your Google Accounts and then synchronizes with your Android devices, so no matter what device you are using it is instantly updated with your latest appointments or events.  You can create, edit, and delete events and quickly email all event guests from the notification with a customized message.  There are a few known issues with some HTC devices.


7. Next Calendar Widget

Next Calandar Widget Collage

Next Calendar Widget is 3D Calendar Widget that is specifically designed to work with the Next Launcher 3D, but I chose it to give us a wide selection and it is just so darn interesting.  You can actually “flip” through the pages as if you would with a real calendar.  You can view a monthly calendar, agenda, flip, or add an agenda and the visually stunning 3D display make it faster and simpler to work with your calendar.  This app is free, but the launcher costs $16.99.


6. Period Calendar / Tracker

Period Calendar - Tracker Collage

I soon found out there are calendars for everything – to show how native I am, I thought this Period Calendar / Tracker was to track periods of time, not a woman’s “cycle.”  I then realized how many of these calendars existed, and they may actually be more for the man, rather than the women!  This calendar has more than 540,000 reviews and over 99,400 +1’s.  It is truly the most comprehensive calendar I have ever seen for this purpose, complete with charts and graphs from information that you provide from moods to your body temperature.


5. Calendar+ Note Everything

Calendar Pro Collage

Calendar+ Note Everything calls itself Calendar Pro, and has a beautiful interface to help you quickly identify what is happening each day.  You can access your information or schedule your days using multiple views.  You can personalize your calendar with many different themes, and even includes your local weather and horoscope to help you plan your day.  Save and backup your information in the cloud.


4. DigiCal Calendar & Widgets

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets Collage

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets is another calendar app and widget with over 1 million downloads- and it just received an upgrade on December 17.  It allows six different calendar views that you can choose from, whichever one suits your lifestyle the best.  You can select from a List, Agenda, Week, Day, Month, and Text Month views and five beautiful widgets.  The User Interface (UI) is a delight and it allows you to color code different events…using either Holo light or Dark screens.  It can synchronize with Google Calendar, Outlook.com, and Exchange.  “It walks a good line between functionality and appearance.”


3. Calendar Pad

Calendar Pad Collage

Calendar Pad has been around a while and has joined the over 1 million downloads club.  It is simplistic in its nature, but very pleasing to use with colored options and backgrounds available.  If you are looking at the monthly view, simply swipe your finger across a particular week and it instantly becomes a weekly view, or tap once on a day and the agenda for that day pops up.  You can also use Today, Month, Week, and Day Widgets as well as employing a search function.


2. Pure Grid calendar widget

Pure Grid Calendar Collage

Pure Grid Calendar widget may just be the best widget type app on the market – it comes with several different size widgets for your home screen.  It also syncs with Google calendars, shows tasks from Astrid, AnyDo, Task Team, MyPhoneExplorer, Ultimate-To-Do List, TaskSync, CalenGoo, gTasks, Got To Do, Task Organizer, Due Today, Touchdown, and Pocket Informant 2/3!  It will also show birthdays from the contact book with plugin.  It has multiple skins to help make a fancy widget.  A recent update fixed compatibility with Android 4.4 KitKat.


1. aCalendar – Android Calendar

aCalendar - Android Calendar Collage

aCalendar has it all – full customization, 48 colors per calendar, you can use it as a day, week, or monthly calendar, and even offers flexible recurrences (such as every 3 weeks).  You can change the font size for custom events, and included moon phases and zodiac signs and even pictures for birthdays, and it uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization.  This app has so many features, you must go to the Play Store to read about all of them…and it is FREE with no ads!

Please let us know on our Google+ Page what calendar app you sport on your phone, or if you have tried any of the above apps – we would love to hear from you.