Sponsored Game Review: World Series of Poker

January 10, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Description: If you’re a die-hard poker fan, or just someone that’s looking to play more of the game then chances are you’ve probably heard of World Series of Poker. From Caesars Entertainment, the WSOP have been delivering excellence to Poker aficionados for some time and now, there’s a fresh new mobile app that allows you to get your fix on Android smartphones and tablets, no matter where you are. If all of the free chips that WSOP continually gives players wasn’t enough, you can pick up where you left off on your smartphone or tablet, allowing players to get away from their desks whenever they like. On Android, the WSOP app gives players the same experience they’d get when playing online but, an experience that’s easier to use on a mobile device. With the ability to play in tournaments, play Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and more there’s no need to look elsewhere when it comes to mobile Poker games. It’s difficult to get your friends around a tablet and casual players often have nowhere to turn when looking for a proper, yet forgiving poker game, World Series of Poker however, manages to balance the two.

How it Works: If you’re unfamiliar with World Series of Poker then you can take a look at their about page on their site and if you don’t know how to play Poker you can find out here, too. Let’s be serious though – you already know how to play Poker, right? To start playing on your Android device, you’ll have to install the game from the Play Store. From there, you have a couple of choices, you can either play as a guest or log in with your Facebook account.

2013-12-02 17.42.13

Logging in with your Facebook account is a good choice, as you get free chips and you can of course invite your friends to your games. Don’t worry, WSOP won’t “spam” your Facebook friends.

2013-12-02 17.42.28

From the main menu, you can start a game by simply hitting Play Now or, you can choose to play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha games specifically. When you start to play a game, the WSOP app will ask you if you need help with rules – which most of you won’t need to look at but, it’s great for newcomers.

2013-12-02 17.43.16

As far as actually playing a game online goes, WSOP is fast and fluid, pros will feel right at home and there’s no need to wait around for something to happen.

2013-12-02 17.45.18

As you can see, everything you need is accessible from one screen, there’s no digging around in menus and running the risk of missing the action. You can even hit the plus sign on empty seats to invite your friends to the table. Every time you level up, you’re given a little extra, giving you the incentive to keep on going.

2013-12-04 18.31.15

You can take a look at your career stats inside of the app as well. Below is just an example, experience players will have many more stats to show off down at the bar.

2013-12-04 18.34.33

Just as it is online, it’s really easy to buy more chips when you’re running low, and you’re also given free bonus chips once every four hours, which is handy for those new players.

2013-12-02 17.42.47

One of the best things about the WSOP app for Android is that it’s super-easy to invite your real-life buddies to the table and you can even give them some free chips to get them started!

2013-12-02 17.42.36

Opinion: I’m no Johnny Chan but, I know how to play the game after a buddy of mine taught me Texas Hold ‘Em and the World Series of Poker app for Android keeps the same fast-paced excitement you get on a real table alive. It’s difficult to find a Poker game on Android to appeal to the discerning player but, the WSOP game is just that. Getting your buddies together for a Poker night can be a real chore and no matter how common Casinos are it’s not always easy to find one, either. So, being able to invite your friends to a table on WSOP through Facebook is a nice touch and could help you get back in touch with some old friends. No matter what though, it’s easy to see that WSOP for Android has been designed with care and attention, with the discerning Poker player taken care of. However, for casual and new players to the game WSOP offers a professional yet smooth entry into the world of online poker and the game in general. Allowing novices to gain some practice without really losing any face.


  • Speed (4/5) – The WSOP app itself loads quickly and works great, as for the pacing of games, Pros that don’t want to wait around have nothing to worry about here.
  • Features (5/5) – WSOP isn’t a small-time name when it comes to Poker and their Android app is no different. It’s got everything Poker players want and you can even bring your friends to the table you’re playing at.
  • Theme (4/5) – The game is easy to use and pretty much everything can be accessed from one screen and the overall feel will appeal to hardcore poker players and welcome those new to the game.
  • Overall (5/5) – A solid game for true Poker fans and an excellent app for those already invested with WSOP, as well as those finding their feet in general.


  • Gives tips and tricks to those new or out of practice to Poker.
  • It’s quick and easy to get into a game of poker and start playing.
  • Pro Poker players won’t find themselves waiting around.
  • You can easily bring in your well-established credentials from WSOP online.


  • Could be a little intimidating to newcomers but, the games are explained and there’s more than enough free chips given out to experiment with.
  • Prices of chips for some might seem expensive but, if you can hold on to them it won’t be a problem.

Conclusion: When it comes to Poker games on Android – or any other mobile platform – it’s hard to strike a balance between appealing to everyone and appealing to seasoned pros. Here, the World Series of Poker app gets this balance just right. There are quick tutorials for those that don’t know how to play the game or are a little out of practice and the overall pace of the game is tuned to those that know what they’re doing. Being able to bring in your account from WSOP and continue from where you left off, on the go, is a nice touch and those leading busy lives will appreciate it. From the moment you start playing the game, you’re realize WSOP means just as much business on Android as they do in the real Poker industry.