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Description: Skippy the Traveler is a game for Android that offers a similar gameplay experience to the cult arcade classic Frogger. However, this time around, you and your frog friend are going on a journey across the world, hopping from one pond to another. It's safe to say that this is a game that's more suited to the little ones than it is your average Android gamer, but parents will love the nostalgia that reminds them of Frogger. Skippy is a fun game for kids as it's a colorful and simple puzzle game that offers interesting facts at the end of each level – provided you meet the requirements – and can help kids tackle problems while playing the game. For a closer look, take a look at the trailer below:

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store, and then you're ready to play.


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There are two countries for you to choose from right now, USA and Russia – with a France update coming soon.

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There are a lot of levels to choose from, making sure the game lasts a long time for players.

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Playing the game is relatively simple, all you have to do is swipe forward, left or right to get Skippy to head in that direction. Then all you have to do is make your way to the other end of the lilypad trail.


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When you collect all of the compasses on each level, you'll be given an interesting fact to read.

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Certain leafs will cause you to move in a certain direction, which forces you to play the game a little differently.

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While a lot of the levels can be quite easy, they get progressively harder and younger players will need help. While adults and parents will enjoy the added challenge.



Opinion: Skippy the Traveler is a nice game for the little ones, and it can help them tackle challenges thanks to the the fact it's a puzzle game, but it's not all that entertaining for those much older. However, we can see parents enjoying the game thanks to the likeness shared with the Frogger arcade game. Still, though this is a game very much aimed at little ones. Which is perfectly fine as the game is a lot of fun, and the interesting facts at the end of each level are great to keep kids engaged. Parents and older players will find the later levels challenging however, so there's enough on offer for players of all ages here.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs great on a number of different devices and there are no issues with the game running on older devices.
  • Features (3/5) – It's somewhat unfortunate that the overall gameplay of Skippy the Traveler is pretty basic and very similar to other games that have been around for some time.
  • Theme (4/5) – Everything is nice and colorful and the user interface is nice and easy to control, which is great for younger users.
  • Overall (4/5) – Skippy doesn't offer much new but, it's a lot of fun for kids to play and adults will be able to get a little taste of Frogger once again.


  • Plays like the classic arcade title, Frogger – which will bring adults to the game as well as kids.
  • Interesting facts at the end of each level will prove interesting for young kids that love to learn.
  • Gameplay starts off easy but soon gets very challenging and offers a lot.
  • Lots of levels to play through, with more added for free.


  • Awkward translations into English deliver a number of mistakes.
  • Doesn't offer anything terribly new.

Conclusion: For young players, Skippy the Traveler is a whole lot of fun and the varied levels that present themselves as veiled puzzles will prove challenging for them. Interesting facts at the end of each level are great to keep little ones interested and the gameplay can get quite challenging. Adults can play along and those that have played Frogger before will be more than happy to play such a similar game. With more levels coming soon, there's a lot on offer to keep players happy and getting all the facts presents a lot of replayability. Older players shouldn't be put off by the visuals either, as the gameplay gets quite challenging in the later levels.



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