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Description: The Gravity is a puzzle game for Android that utilizes good-looking 3D graphics and more to deliver a mind-boggling puzzle experience to your smartphone or tablet. Linking the planetary pieces together to get the flow through might seem easy at first but, with a limit to the amount of moves you can pull and innovative features that change this from a standard puzzle game into something more, Gravity will test your skills. It's a good-looking game that almost half a million people have been enjoying throughout the world, as such there's little to no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. Overall, The Gravity is a puzzle game that's designed to test your mental skill and satisfy your eyes as you look on in wonder at its unique visual style. Take a look at the trailer to see what we're talking about.

How it Works: You first need to download the game from the Play Store, and then you're ready to start playing.


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When you first start playing, you'll be given some pointers as to how to play the game.

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When trying to complete a puzzle, you need to highlight one of the totems and then move it so that the flow can get from one point to the other. You only get a certain amount of moves before it's game over. In order to combat this, you can select any of the totems and move it around to figure out the best way to maximize your amount of moves.

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If you complete the level, you're given a star rating, which you can improve on by playing the level again.


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Things start off relatively simple but, they soon get harder and harder, until you'll face a real change with lots of totems on screen at once.



Opinion: The Gravity is one of those puzzle games that needs to be played to really understand why it's so challenging and compelling. I love puzzle games and in fact, that's mostly what my tablet is filled with and this really tested my skill. I suddenly felt like I was playing a more interesting, quicker game of Chess. Which is certainly a compliment and the game is extremely challenging, to the point where the game will creep into your life and keep you awake. It looks good, plays good and will test your mental skills more than most puzzlers out there.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs fine and it's paced well for a puzzle game, with no time limit just a move limiter.
  • Features (4/5) – A fairly unique puzzle game, the Gravity is a great game for those really into brain teasers to play as it ticks a lot of the right boxes.
  • Theme (4/5) – With great-looking 3D graphics and a unique style all its own, The Gravity will look great no matter what you're playing it on.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid puzzler that will make your brain hurt when you're struggling, and make you feel like you're a genius when you're winning, The Gravity is a game everyone should try.


  • Good-looking 3D graphics help make the game easy on the eye as well as addictive to play.
  • A lot of levels to play through, giving it longevity and replayability.
  • This is a game that tests your skills like no other, perfect for academic types and puzzle lovers.
  • Move limiter prevents people simply spinning the totems till they find a solution at random – you have to work for it.


  • Might be too difficult for some players.
  • Tutorial could do with a little work.

Conclusion: The Gravity is a great Android game that everyone should try out, even if they don't really like puzzle games. It's so different that it might introduce you to puzzle games on the whole and the fact it's so challenging allows hardcore gamers to sit back and relax with an incredibly difficult game. It might be too difficult for those not used to challenging games but, on the whole it's easy to get into without being too overwhelmed so, there's very little for new players to worry about. If you're a puzzle fan, and you need a new game to test your mettle, then this is it.


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