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Description: By now, you're probably familiar with SnapPea, the application that connects your Android smartphone to your desktop or your web browser. We reviewed it some time ago and now they're back with a new and improved feature that should make your life that little bit easier. SnapPea PhotoSnap is essentially a revamped part of the app and service that makes it much easier to get your photos from your smartphone on to your PC to then share them online. It does all of this, as you might expect, without the need for wires or anything like that, pairing is as simple as it always has been and your photos will appear in seconds. Read more to find out how good SnapPea PhotoSnap really is. Take a look at the demo video to see just how useful SnapPea PhotoSnap can be.



How it Works: To get an overview of what SnapPea can offer you, why not read our initial review of the service? Other than that, setting the app up to get a look at your photos is pretty simple. All you need to do is download the app from the Play Store, and then choose how you want to connect to your phone. Here, we're going to use our Google Chrome browser.


All you have to do once you've signed in is to head to web.snappea.com and as long as the two devices are on the same network, they'll connect. It's as simple as that. SnapPea's PhotoSnap feature gets to work right away, showing you a collage of your photos from your device, ordered by date and any photos you take will instantly appear in that list, too.



When you click on a photo, you can get a closer look at it as well as perform certain operations like downloading the photo to your computer as well as sharing it to Facebook.



Don't forget that SnapPea can also be used on your Windows desktop and it also allows you to install apps as well as send messages from your PC, as we outlined in our original review.

Opinion: SnapPea was already a very useful app to have running on your Android smartphone but now, with the super-speedy photos feature, it gets that little bit better. With smartphone photography having gotten so much better in just a few years, it makes sense to be able to get to your photos so easily and SnapPea allows you to do that. What's great is that using the website, you don't need to remember that pesky microUSB cable and you can import your photos from wherever you might be in the world. All you need to do is make sure the two devices are on the same WiFi network. Dropbox's auto-upload feature is pretty great but, there's no need to sign up for an account with SnapPea and you can choose what photos make their way on to your PC and you can share them right away there and then on the website.




  • Speed (4/5) – Depending on how quick the network you're using is, you should be very happy with how quickly you can get to your photos.
  • Features (5/5) – SnapPea was already full of useful features but, the focus on photos in this latest update has really paid off and it really does take the pain out of getting to those smartphone pics.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking app that's easy-to-use all round, SnapPea is easy enough for anyone to use, even average users.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – SnapPea has made it as easy as possible to get to your photos from your Android phone and coupled with all the other features, it's a must-have app for Android users.


  • Makes sharing photos with family and friends even easier than before.
  • SnapPea is not just a photo service and has a lot more to offer besides, such as messaging from your PC.
  • Nice and easy to setup and easy to use, with little complications.
  • Easily download your photos from your phone to your desktop, without ever having to use a cable.


  • While running on Windows 8 it did seem to disconnect but, that could just be my PC.
  • Only offers sharing to Facebook online, not Twitter, Google+ or Flickr.

Conclusion: SnapPea is a great app that brings your computer, laptop or whatever it is closer to your Android smartphone. The fact that it works directly through a web browser makes it easy for Mac users to get access to their Android stuff for instance, and you can effectively use whatever computer you have with you at the moment. That's important because not of all the time can you find a microUSB cable and there's drivers to deal with, all to get a few photos downloaded. You can do all of that with no wires in double-time thanks to SnapPea's new PhotoSnap feature and you can even see photos added as soon as you take them, which is pretty neat. As time has shown us, SnapPea is only getting better and better, with this new update photos are super-easy to get hold of and we're sure something else really cool is coming soon.


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