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Description: Callist is an Android app that works alongside your default phone application and makes managing your phone calls much easier. You're probably thinking that in today's age of SMS, WhatsApp and Snapchat nobody calls anybody anymore. Well, when it comes to family life and business life, a phone call can be more important than a simple text message. Callist hopes to make all of this easier by providing call reminders, quick and easy actions just after a call such as adding them to your contacts and more. Callist doesn't try to replace your default dialer and isn't an intrusive application. What it does try to do however, is make sure you never let someone down when you miss their call and it also makes remembering colleagues' or friends' numbers much easier. Read on to find out how good an app Callist really is.

How it Works: First off, you'll need to go and download the app from the Play Store, after that you're treated to a quick tour around the app to see what it can offer you.


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Essentially, Callist offers a feature set that makes it easier for you to remember who to call and when, easier to manage numbers and easier to do actions such as sending a message or more.

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The main aspect of Callist is this featureful popup that appears after a call, it's not that obtrusive and it can be a big help when you miss a call from someone.

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You can set a reminder, send a message or more. Sending a message is pretty nice as it's a change of pace from the "must send right away" from the main Android app. It gives you time to choose from a list and you can quickly compose your own message.


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Simple touches like that are further augmented with the call reminder feature, that allows you to pen in a slot for a business contact or even to call your other half back.

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Of course, you also get a recent call list, with an easy shortcut to send a text message.

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For those that like to add functionality to their homescreens, there are some included widgets with Callist, which are as functional as they are good-looking. Once you've set your favorites in the app you can quickly call them from the widget.


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Opinion: As someone who very much enjoys the look and feel of stock Android, it's nice to see that Callist not only looks like part of stock Android but doesn't try to replace the stock dialer. Which means that no matter what device you have, Callist just sits beside your default phone app, which takes out the confusion that's so often associated with these sorts of apps. While the UI fits in great with stock Android, there's absolutely no reason it wouldn't look great running on your HTC One or Galaxy S4. For business users, and those with a busy family life, Callist makes a lot of things easier and when you're just too busy to call back but, you know you have to return their call you can be reminded later when it suits you.


  • Speed (4/5) – Callist doesn't get in the way of anything and runs both smoothly and quickly.
  • Features (4/5) – By adding just enough extra features, Callist presents itself as a nifty little app that can genuinely make things a little less stressful if you're busy.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a classy and minimal look, Callist will look great on a Nexus, as well as an HTC One.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid effort that doesn't try to do too much, Callist is a must-have for those that still need to talk ear-to-ear and are a little too busy to think straight at times.


  • Doesn't try to take over your Android device – it just adds a little extra on top.
  • Easy to setup with a nice guided tour after installing it.
  • Good-looking interface that looks good and is easy to use.
  • Call reminder is a nice feature for those with lots of friends or just not enough time on their hands.


  • Can get a little confusing between what's your own phone app and what's callist.
  • Those that don't really talk on the phone that much might not find all that much need for such an app.

Conclusion: Callist is a nice add-on for your Android phone, it doesn't try to replace anything, it just adds a little more. Which is the right attitude to have when it comes to system apps like these. The call reminder feature is great for those that don't have a time in the day to get back to everyone and being able to send a text message or add a number to your contacts after you've gotten off of the phone are real nice touches. It's all put together in an easy-to-use, attractive package that carries a light footprint. If you feel like you have too many calls to return and too little time, then this is a must-have app.



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