Feature: Top 10 Best Fitness Apps


Every New Year's, many people make a resolution to start exercising and eating properly and these apps are designed to help you accomplish those goals. These apps are listed under the fitness category, so we will have a combination of physical activities and healthy eating – they are mostly designed to "coach" you and to be your "personal" trainer.  Most of the apps allow you to connect with your friends and the app "community" so you can compare notes and seek a little encouragement.  Some apps will graph out your progress and some are slanted towards diet, weights, exercise, or running. Let me say that there are many great exercise/fitness apps in the Google Play Store, so any one of these apps should handle your needs, depending how you exercise. Let us know on our Google+ Page what exercise app you use and why you like it.



10 – Noom Weight Loss Coach

This fitness app is geared more towards proper eating, nutrition, and grocery shopping, however, it is a personal trainer, helping to guide you through both eating and exercising. The app was just updated January 3, so you will be getting the most up-to-date version available. The program is designed to be effective (9 out of 10 active users lost weight), easy to use, and comprehensive, with hundreds of wellness articles to read and support forums. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


9 – Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is one of the highest rated apps of its kind and covers running, cycling, walking, and any other distance-based activity. You can also enter your workout manually, for instance, on a treadmill, or doing weight training. You can even get live pep talks from your friends – they text you and it is read back to you only seconds later. You are also hooked up to the social networking, music playlists for individual workouts, and even follow your friends' workout. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.



Workout Trainer A



8 – Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a TOP app on Android with millions of downloads and over 49,000 reviewers and almost 52,000 Google+s. Another certified personal trainer guides you through exercises – timed, step-by-step audio, photo, and video instructions. You can do exercises for your overall fitness or choose areas to focus on, such as six-pack, to lose weight, running, yoga, etc. You can also add a home screen widget to see a new workout each day, play your favorite music while you work out, and join the community to discuss your workouts and how they are going. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


7 – JEFIT Workout – Exercise Log

Here is another app that claims to be your "personal trainer" in your pocket. It has more than 1,300 exercises, categorized by body parts, with detailed descriptions and animations, the ability to create your own workout routine planners, fitness plans, tracking body statistics, and so much more. You can download exercise routines for both men and women. It will track your weight, body fat, height, chest, waist, arms, shoulders, neck, thighs etc. Connect with friends or the community to help motivate each other. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.



6 – Daily Workouts FREE

This is your own personal trainer no matter where you are, just by keeping your smartphone with you. It will give you a quick 5-10 minute workout targeted for a specific area or a 10-30 minute workout for your full body, choosing from 50 different exercises. Workouts can be generated randomly each day, videos show you how to do each exercise, and includes on-screen instructions with a built-in timer. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.



Daily Workouts C


5 – Nike+ Running

This app allows you to add friends, see how much they are running, and how you stack up against them – monitor who is running the most often and the most miles. Use a treadmill or run on an outdoor or indoor trail and your phone's GPS and accelerometer accurately record your distance, pace, and time. You can add a widget to your home screen that will show when you ran last; display your total mileage; and have quicker access to start your next run. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.



4 – Virtuagym Fitness Home & Gym

This app is serious in full workouts for at the home or your favorite gym. Brad Fit, your personal trainer, will show you the proper way to exercise via 3D demonstrations and step-by-step instructions. You create an online profile that gives you access to 400+ exercises, 100+ workouts, and 150+ badges you can earn for passing the mustard. The User Interface (UI) is very professionally done, with calendar of workouts, full-colored pictures, and 3D animations. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.



3 – RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Over 25 million people rely on this app to turn their phone into a personal trainer. This app will track your walking, running, hiking, biking, and more – track your progress and have fun doing it. The User Interface (UI) is very well done with color, graphs, and maps, all while you listen to your favorite music. Available sensors allow you to measure your heart rate…a very detailed app that should handle anything you throw at it. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


2 – Runtastic Running & Fitness

Using your GPS to map and track your workout, this is THE running, walking, and fitness tracker app with almost 135,000 reviews and almost 77,000 Google+s. Using time, distance, change in elevation, speed, and more, it will keep track of your cardio workout progress. This app is terrific for all levels of fitness – whether you are just beginning to run or a seasoned marathoner. Along with Google Maps this app gives you the ability to watch your workout in 3D and map out your run. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.


1 – Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

This fitness app is all about losing weight – which is the reason that most of us exercise in the first place. There are over 350 exercises to track both your cardio and strength training. There are over 3 million foods in the database, including global items and cuisines. The app allows you to track all major nutrients, calories, fat, proteins, carbs, fiber, cholesterol, and more. Get healthy with a combination of diet and exercising, and share your results with other MyFitnessPal members. GRAB IT HERE on Google Play.