FBI Escorts Innocent Glass-Wearing Movie-Goer from AMC Theater

January 21, 2014 - Written By Ray Greer

We all have learned a lot since Google started the Glass Explorer program. We have learned how awesome Google Glass can really be, and we learned where it is flawed. We also learned that now in the state of California, it is illegal to drive and Glass at the same time and other states are following that lead. Now we have learned that unless you want the FBI to come and confiscate your Glass, the movie theter may not be the best place to wear Glass either.

A man who has chosen to remain anonymous, has come forth to warn current and future Glass owners of another place that is not so accepting of Google Glass. His experience took place at an AMC Theater in Columbus, Ohio where he frequented, sometimes wearing Glass, and sometimes not. This particular day, after receiving his prescription lenses, he wore them to the theatre, in hopes to do nothing more than enjoy a film. Staying anonymous, he told Phandroid,  “I wore Google Glass exclusively, including at the movies.” When asked why he didn’t wear regular prescription glasses to the theater, he said, ” I always carry an ’emergency pair’ in my car, but the car was in the parking lot. So the short answer is no, I didn’t consider wearing regular glasses.”

So, there he was sitting in the theater watching a movie, about a special agent, however he was unaware that he was about to meet an “agent” in real life very shortly. An hour into the movie, that “agent” came up to where the man was sitting, and yanked Google Glass from his face, and escorted the man out of the theater. Thankfully, he was able to inform them just how much Glass costs, and that made them treat them with more care. “My glasses were not damaged. After I explained how much they cost, they touched them in a gentler way. The only rough part was when they took them off my face in the theatre.”

After the man had been escorted out of the theatre, and greeted by about 6 more agents, he was questioned for roughly three hours. Could you guess what the issue was? Illegally recording a film, is a federal offense, though the man says he wasn’t recording the film, he was simply wearing Glass while out and about, and went to a movie. The man even said he had turned Glass off prior to the film, to avoid, well, to avoid exactly what happened.

Once the man was found to not be recording the video, and given a thrill he certainly wasn’t expecting when he bought those movie tickets, they let him go, Glass in hand. Also to make up for the night that left the man and his wife shaking for days, he received two tickets to the theater.

The way technology is moving and growing, things like this are more likely to happen, of course according to the man, “…they were having known issues on that theatre and they had suspicions there would be attempts to pirate that particular movie.” Still, we have plenty of ways to record a movie without being as obvious like our smartphones, smart watches, digital cameras the size of lipstick, or even a cleverly placed GoPro in a purse with a hole. The authorities also weren’t acting in the wrong, if given suspicions, they have the right to pounce, though maybe the man should’ve received more than just two “free” movie tickets. What do you think, what would you want to make up for the night? Do you think there should be new rules in place about products like Glass when it comes to a movie theater? Honestly, after downloading that torrent, would the quality be that great? Maybe A6/V4.

Source: Phandroid